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Macas Toys

Originally mean to be for a flash game happymeals, but for some reason they decided to go with just photos of the toys, go figure....

anyway enjoy =D
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These are great. Well done.
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very nice art
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wow nice wrk ;););););););)
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thanks. you have a cool avatar!
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They're cute :]
The top one on the right,
reminds me of Marge Simpson a whole lot.
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Nice work dude, congrats!
innovation4d's avatar
Excellent work! :#1:
I always think to make some cartoon characters but don't get idea where to start! :(
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you should either just draw on paper. Like sit for a couple of hours without touching the computer and draw. something ussually comes up. Or go to the traditional art gallery and look for characters there. Obviously ask for permission first.
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American idol lego toys woot :P
bottom left one looks funky, even tho she does have a fluro green head
vozzz's avatar
tell me about it. teh elvis had to have a toxic green head in the end, but in the end didnt get used anyway...
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Cool n cute! :)
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WOW what program did u use to make this?!!
vozzz's avatar
cinema4d as always

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hmmmm.... wow .... now days i don't even see that program. anywhere....... is it still called cinima?! or has it been changed?! ^_^
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hm... i dunno, it was never super popular, but if anything i think it has been growing in popularity. yeah it's still called cinema4d as far as i know.
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really whats the latest version out there?!
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Ooh, I saw a commercial with these little guys in it today, and I said "Hey--I know that guy! He's on Deviantart!"

So here's my question: Did you design the figures, or render them from someone else's design?

Either way, good job.
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yeah i just rendered them from someone elses design...

I do want to get into toy design, but need to find a company that needs a toy designer.
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Ahh, my eye! It hurts because of how realistic is the rendering! Ahh!

I though I goes with something funny.
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