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Social Icons Pack

This is my first pack of icons, free for use. If you use them, would be great if you could add some info about me or link to my portfolio: [link]

Don't forget to visit [link]

List of social networks that icons are included for:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- YouTube
- Wykop
- Blip
- Buzz
- Delicious
- GMail
- deviantArt
- ModDB
- Digg
- StumbleUpon
- Technorati
- Reddit
- NK
- myspace
- GG (Gadu Gadu)
- Steam
- Skype
- Google+

Icons were inspired by Lances Two by :iconkatz93:

If you want new icons, paste which one exactly you need and I'll try to make it.

© 2010 - 2021 VoYtHAs
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Faved for sure,awesome pack ^^
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Good quality. Check my starting set too! You might like it. Im planning to "metronize" all the cool sofware icons out therel. Ive started bashfully with the 3D software field.
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Can you make one for Indie DB?
VoYtHAs's avatar
Sure buddy, I'll add it as soon as I can.
Xtragicfever's avatar
Can I add also to that list Flikr?
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I'll try to add them next week.
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Best icons ever! A Yelp! Icon would be pretty handy in here as well :)
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Thank you, I see what can I do about this Yelp.

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hey, great pack!! used here, don't you mind? it's just a mockup ;P
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Sure buddy, use it freely. I'm glad you like it :)
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thanks! will be glad if you share a template to make own icons ;P or at least add the following: vk, dribble, tumblr, flickr, formspring, and stereomood :D but sharing a template would be awesome!
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Sure, when I find enough time, I'll provide a PSD file to create your own icons. I'll notify you when it happens :)
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ok, will be waiting! i might use them on my website instead of my own :)
tpds's avatar
loved it : D

do you have them at 64x64?
VoYtHAs's avatar
I'm glad you like them, but I don't have them in higher resolution. It won't be a huge problem to create higher resolution. Most of them are made using vector shapes.

I'll try to add them in free time.
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now thats what i was looking for ... :clap:
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