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Discovery and Leonov

Another movie shot. This is a shot from a movie named 2010, a lesser-known sequel to 2001: A space odyssey.

In '2010', nine years after the disappearance of Discovery One, both the US and Russia prepare missions to find out what happened to it. Because the Discovery is bound to crash on Io in 30 months, and the fact that it takes 18 months to get there and the fact that the Discovery Two, the US ship, is a year behind on Russia's Alexej Leonov, The Americans and Russians agree that three Americans come along on the Leonov.

After the trip and the many disputes in Io's orbit, the Americans are forced in the Discovery by the Russians, hereto urged by the Russian government. When they find out that the monolith has multiplied and these are enveloping Jupiter, they find it will become a star in two days due to the appearance of the incorporeal form of David Bowman.

Since neither can get to a safe distance in time on their own, they use the Discovery as a booster rocket for the Leonov (That's were this shot came from). The Leonov gets away in time.

In the book though, Leonov looks far different. Built for speed, it has a heatshield up front and no artificial gravity, which the Russians saw as a luxury considering it had to get to Jupiter quickly. This scene is also in the book, it is described as 'Leonov raping the Discovery'. It had no docking claw and the astronauts used cables to tie them together. There was not as much tension between the crew, as in the book the US and the USSR are on pretty good terms, the actual enemy being China.

The book's launching sequence is also far more drawn-out. In the book they have fifteen days to clear Jupiter, instead of two. The method they use in the book takes several orbits, rather than just one. Plus they don't actually tell HAL what's going on. But of course, they wanted to ramp up tension for the movie, and I don't blame them, as I like the movie way more than the book.
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Loved that movie!
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2010 does not get nearly the amount of credit it deserves. What most people complain about, at least as far as I can tell, is that 2010 isn't as film artsy as 2001. But this film was made about 15 years later, in a more contemporary fashion. Also consider, in the time 2001 was made, experimental films were more of the norm, thus the artsy feel of 2001 was itself contemporary.

I find no problem incorporating the tension between the nations, and possibility of war. It further illustrates how space, life, and the mysteries thereof totally overshadow (if not completely invalidate) our petty differences between silly national borders.

As for the escape scene, I feel what they did in 2010 (including the giant gaping hole of a black spot) was nothing less than a brilliant (and beautiful) piece of filmmaking. I mean, stop and think for a minute, would you not totally crap your pants when you saw that black spot no less than 20 times the size of EARTH? Add to that the fact that the computer essential for your escape is totally insistent on staying and watching it. Only part I found kinda hokey is how Chandra is transferring from the Discovery to Leonov while the engines were firing... yeah, dumb idea. At the very least he could have held on in the airlock until the engines quit and transferred then. Hell, save time by keeping the spacesuit on during Leonov's engine burn. But I digress.

Beautiful image, I will always love this film, no matter what anybody says. I have yet to see what the Leonov looks like in the book, but I dare say the movie version is one of the more logical of interplanetary (non FTL) craft ever designed. Second only to Mars 1 and 2 from "Mission to Mars" (the one with Gary Sinese, not Val Kilmer... that one was a crap design)
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Actually someone on dA actually made a 3D render of what the literary Leonov would look like in a movie.

And about the part where Chandra is transferring, they didn't really have time to wait. Discovery detached about a minute before Leonov would fire its engines. The crossing between Discovery and Leonov took over two minutes. They didn't have time to wait.

And you what? I completely agree about everything you say. In fact, 2010 was one of the first movies that used convincing CGI (Jupiter's atmosphere), five years before The Abyss would. My dad complained about the lack of suspense while watching. I never knew what he was talking about. If you want lack of suspense you should go watch 2001. The movie's twice as long as it should be. However, the scenes in 2010 are made in pretty much the same style, but you don't get the same feeling of monotony since something actually happens (not to mention the 'unfitting music' feeling).

It sure deserves all the credit 2001 took. And I've read the book, or at least the escape scene, and I find the movie version is way better. In the movie, there is much less time than in the book (greater stress) and the suspense is brought up dramatically because Chandra actually tells HAL what's going on. In the book it ends with 'I can't explain right now,' or something like that.

And Leonov's design. Love that. If they had used the one in the book it would've turned out worse. My favorite scene (besides the escape) is where Leonov and Discovery fly towards the monolith together. It just looks so awesome. And the movie version of the transmission is also way better. The two lines added just fit perfectly.

Altogether, 2010 isn't just better than 2001, it's better than the book it's based on, which is a rare occasion in the movie industry.
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Correction on the Leonov separating from Discovery, because when the scene changes, with PA voice "one minute to separation" Chandra is already out of his suit and they're all simply walking to their positions in no real hurry.

But as I said, that is my one and only beef with 2010.
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Ah well. Something else I like about it. When you look at the scenes shot on Earth, you don't think you're in some futuristic place like in Back to the Future part 2. It actually IS 2010.

And my only problem with it is Curnew's frantic breathing during the first boarding of Discovery. Realistic though it may be, it gets annoying. Only bother with it, and not really too big at that.

2010 ranks in fourth in my list of favorite movies, after Battleship (1), Sunshine (2) and 2012 (3).
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Looking back too, something I found kinda interesting and strange, the music in the movie was so haunting and added such amazing depth and mystery, and other times haunting danger. I loved it so much, I wanted to hear the soundtrack. But then... upon hearing the actual soundtrack... I didn't like it. Partly because they added or changed a few things, but even then, it just didn't have the feel I was looking for.

In the rare case of 2010, it wasn't the soundtrack that made the movie work... it was the movie that made the soundtrack work. And that can only be attributed to how great a film 2010 was.

I do remember as a kid though, hoping for 2010 to come along because we would get the second sun in the sky, lol. I was a foolish little boy, wasn't I?
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True. I listened to it as well, wanting to find that heavy, Russian sounding theme when the Leonov first enters the screen. Couldn't. But they've done that in more movies. Sunshine, for one. And of your faves, I've only seen Apollo 13.

2010 is waaaaay underappreciated. That's all I have to say. (66% on Rotten Tomatoes, I ask you...)
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I find that done with way too many movies. The CD soundtrack is either subtly different, or they take the one track you are so anxious to hear, and make an "album version" which is the only version you could find. They pulled that on me with the new Battlestar Galactica, and "All Along the Watchtower". Had a segment in the show (the cliffhanger finale of season 3) with a deep bass intro that is nowhere to be found... only the album version with a short subtle info.
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Hate it when that happens. 'Sunshine' has a part where the characters go outside to fix the ship, and it has a echoing drum in it. The album version misses that, which is a pity.
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Well, the audible (and frantic) breathing is another hommeage (spelling fail) to the original 2001, which had Dave and Frank's breathing audible, and even more annoying after a while.

I am not going to comment on your list, as I may have adverse opinions about one or all of those movies, but I agree 2010 will always rank high on my list as well. Mine, however, includes The Goonies, Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff. :P
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Cool. How did you get this?
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Google images.
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I can see by your name that you're a space odyssey fan.
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Yes I am. ^^ It's a masterpiece. I love the monolith the most. That's why I named my profile after the one found on the moon. I haven't posted anything about the space odyssey yet, but I'll get to it. :)
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You've seen 2010? I loved it.
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Yeah, I've seen it too. It's a very good movie. :D
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Thank goodness someone agrees. My dad doesn't really like it, he says there is too little tension (I don't get him, I loved it)
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