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Apple by Voyager289Morning maid by Voyager289 Silver, Green and Blue by Voyager289 Fanart Kanna Kamui by Voyager289 White and Blue by Voyager289 Im Bad at giving title by Voyager289 Cute Cute by Voyager289 Tari by Voyager289 Red Hair by Voyager289 Hima Komik Tiap Detik Forest by Voyager289
Hima Komik Tiap Detik by Voyager289 Sogno Di Volare by Voyager289Playground queen by Voyager289

The rules are 

1. I only do anime style.
2. Please sent your request to…
3. I don't do Extreme H (intercourse etc).
4. You can request change 2 times max, unless its a fatal error.
5. I will post the requested art in my Gallery unless you have good reason for me to not post the art in my gallery.
6. Please wait till I respond to your request @ Facebook, i might refuse some request due to not following rule or currently busy.
7. Pay me first then i start working your request.
8. you can do whatever you want with the finished request but if u want to use it for commercial purpose, please inform me.

Price list*

1.  Full Character $30 ~ $40 per pose. (depends on the art difficulty and work time needed)
2.  Half body Character $20 ~ $30.  (depends on the art difficulty and work time needed)
3.  Head shot Character $10 ~ $20.  (depends on the art difficulty and work time needed)
4.  Non-Human complicated Char (dragon etc) $60
5.  Background ( Simple +5$, complicated +25$)

What u get?

1. the artwork in png format with high resolution.
2. the lineart of the artwork.
3. the psd file with layers and stuff still inside.
4. video of the drawing making only if requested before (will cost you more).

*If you want to negotiate the price feel free to contact me at facebook or via note (but i check facebook more often)

Please check my gallery for example…

How i draw stuff:

Thank you very much :3