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VRChat Foxtaur Public DOWNLOAD

ALRIGHT! I hope you're all excited! This is the WORK FILES for my Foxtaur VRChat character! I finally reached a point where I'm satisfied with it and I've decided to give this out for completely free! I expect to see many more taurs out there!

Alright, now to the details...

I want to see more taurs out there! So you're welcome to modify the mesh, textures, add or remove features, whatever you want! I'd love to see some of the amazing stuff you guys do to this model! However, I would like to ask that you always credit me in any of your creations and send me a message that you've used it. Also, please leave the credits I left inside the chest of the character alone. Preferably, I would like you to leave the shirt the way it is, but I understand that it can ruin the look you may be going for. (I've already made a few edits myself and had to remove the logo.)

You'll need the following software packages:
- VRCSDK-2019. (From VRChat)
- Silent's Shaders ( )

1. Follow VRChat's guides on setting up Unity. (… )
2. Install Dynamic Bones, Final IK, and Silent's Shaders.
3. Import my package files.
4. Make whatever changes you want.
5. Follow VRChat's guide on uploading avatars. (… )

I'll certainly do what I can to help get the ball rolling on your work, but please do everything you can before reaching out to me. Often there's very simple mistakes that you may have just overlooked.

Yikes, that was a lot of text... I just have a few copy writes and I'll be out of your fur!
Model and Character (c) :iconvoxian:
Original Design (c) :iconcatnamedfish:
VRChat logo and tools (c) VRChat

Please consider supporting me @

These files are also now hosted on Gumroad!

UPDATE: Some people were saying that they could not open the FBX files in Blender. It seems blender cannot handle ASCII FBX files for whatever reason... so I converted these to Binary FBX files and uploaded here for you to use.


I am now hosting a Discord Server intended to build a community around those with extra arms, legs, heads, eyes, ect... Feel free to hop in and ask questions! We'd love to see what you make!

© 2019 - 2021 Voxian
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It probably won't matter but I came across a plug for blender called better fbx-28-4.1.7 and it was able to load the original fbx file. I would link it but it took to long to get to it . It was on a zippy share sight.

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Interesting! I'm surprised a plugin like that exists. I'm aware of a few FBX converters that convert from ASCII to Binary as well... not the most ideal solution.. but it works.

It was just install the plug and open with the plug in import and that's it

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Is this a 2.0 or 3.0 avatar?

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Currently still just 2.0, sorry for the lack of updates on this one.

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If i could , can i get some assistance with this ? when i upload this into blender it only uploads the skeleton ? the mesh body isnt there ?

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Make sure you are pulling in the FBX from the google drive link I have up here.

Otherwise the scale might just be really far off, zoom in really close and see if there is a tiny foxtaur in there.

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I saw that there was a feminine built model used for the Beat Saber one, is there any chance you have a female version of this model? If not that's understandable, and I want to know if it would be okay if I edited the mesh to be more feminine.

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Hey! Thank you for the interest in the model! ... Hmm, a feminine version? I personally made a feminine feline taur model for Beat Saber

Taur in Beat Saber!

I don't know if this is what you are referring to or not though. If not, then someone must have made a custom one! I'd LOVE to see it if you can dig up the pictures!

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I'm looking to try and get involved in modeling a feral dragon that would be used in vrchat for personal use, and was hoping to use this model to base the body of the dragon off of. However this would mean removing the taur part and replacing it with a neck, would it be okay if I moved the credits to inside the chest of the dragon and also had the name somewhere on the dragon like a scarf or bracelet? (if not its understandable, thank you for the free model btw, looks great!)

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Perfectly fine to do that! I'm just more excited to see others make more interesting avatars in general! Also, be on the lookout, I'm going to host a discord group to help build a community around these kinds of avatars!

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Oh yikes those price tags... :(

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I got the dynamic bones and IK...

but mind if I download to study how this has been set up? I have been dreaming to make my Sonic OC ride this horse like creature I made around VRChat but I have no idea how to pull that off cause the horse has been more challengy than I expected... I think this avatar may help me figure that out and see what I can do for my horse even if my horse isnt a centaur

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Ohyeah! Absolutely use this as a template for how to make any four legged character! That was the reason for me providing these files. I'm sorry I don't have a whole lot of documentation written up on it, but everything is there, just need to pick it apart and rebuild your own :3

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well it fixed the issue I had with my avatar's back legs floating in the air during walking/sinking in to the ground when looking up, I managed to temporary make the feral animal part a humanoid rig in Unity so I can investigate its armature (I couldnt figure out how to import it on Blender and Unity wouldnt open up the config for generic rigs) and noticed the c_root bones... I gave those a try and that seems to help I think, I've never thought of that before! my humanoid setup is attached to my feral animal by parenting the humanoid hip bone to the animal's hip bone

I have been trying to apply new walking or running animations to it but Idk if I did the setup right or what Im doing wrong... do you have a Discord I can visit to ask for assistance by any chance?

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Ah sorry, I'm very slow to respond on here... I need to start checking my messages more often. I don't have a personal discord, but I am a mod on Rezillos here.

If it is free to use then why do we have to buy packages for it??

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The parts I made are free to use! But the parts that I did not make you still need to purchase from the original author. I cannot share those parts of the file.

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is there another option for the final ik? ;-; i don't have 80€
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Sorry for the slow reply. I don't check my messages here nearly enough x3

Unfortunately I am not aware of any alternative to Final IK. Normal avatars do not require this since VRChat handles the IK, but we are doing custom IK.

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someone turned this into a beat saber avatar, i had no idea it was a vrchat avatar,

nice work
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That was me! :3 I've been fiddling around in both programs for a little while now.

Glad you like it! I hope you enjoy :3

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its cool that i found you on deviant art, it was unexpected and i wasnt even paying attention

(im dumb like that sometimes)

Pickle Lick by sheilded-key  
my cat's cuteness shall now distract you
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