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welcome to my page!

hi, my name is samie and i'm 24 from melbourne, australia~ i'm an artist, i'm engaged, i love the color pink and i love kitty cats.
i spend most of my time playing games with friends, and i play games like overwatch, stardew valley, fallout 4, as well as a ton of other random titles. i also love music, some of my favorite artists are panic at the disco, chvrches and atb.
i love to make new friends! ;u; so feel free to talk to me~

some great ass people



to-do list
these are not in order, just sorted in categories
:star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: = not started
:star: :star-empty: :star-empty: = sketching
:star: :star: :star-empty: = lining/coloring
:star: :star: :star: = finishing/complete

Sunblinked - joint chibi :star: :star: :star-empty: (+ 2 single chibis for free)
Sylvena - joint chibi, x2 anthro chibis :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:

icons from $5 icon sale, not listed here bc it makes my page too long Dx




[COMMISSIONS] CLOSEDThis is my commissions journal. I do not take orders through notes, only through filled out forms on this journal. 
Please have a thorough read of my Terms and Conditions below before ordering anything. And please read this journal in it's entirety before commenting/ordering/etc.
- - - - 
Terms and Conditions

All of my Terms and Conditions are laid out very specifically in this stash. If you have any questions about them, please comment on this stash link.
- - - -
How to Order
To order a commission, please fill out the below form and add in any extra detail you believe will assist me in completing the commission.
Please note, I do not work with painted, shaded or unclear reference sheets. I will ask you to provide me a better reference sheet if it doesn't fit my criteria. 

[CLOSED] Experimental Anthro Coms $15 EADoing this again! However I am being VERY picky this time because I don't want to accept something and not do it X_X I have problems not being able to complete certain characters so post a few characters for me to choose from!
I can also do an anthro version of a four legged character too! I just need to know other details.
These are $15 each for a fullbody flat color. The style will vary immensely! I am using this as an opportunity to test what I'm able to do with my style and with posing. I'm trying to focus on doing interesting poses instead of standing up ones that aren't doing much lol
I'll be taking as many as possible until I'm content with what I have to play with!
Examples below.
$5 Icons - CLOSED PERMANENTLYThese are closed! I am not accepting any more waitlist entries and I am contemplating whether or not I will take additional commissions on from that waitlist.
I will let people know when my list is done.

I've decided to open up these earlier than expected!
However this is only for people on my wait list and I'll possibly accept more not on the list later.
An important thing to note is my wait times - please read my TOS for more information on that.

My max wait time is now 12 weeks in extreme circumstances. I apologize for this - just covering myself in case I get full time work!
I am only starting on these when my current to-do list is also clear. There is not much left on it so it won't add to the wait time!
Same rules as before - $5 per icon, no interacting joint icons but I can do facing joint icons. Max 5 per person. No animations! 


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