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Reloj Conky

Inspired from Reloj Rainmeter skin [link]
Credit goes to Kiko11 [link] and here [link]
The icons is Token [link]

Three versions: Original by Rainmeter skin,Bar and Vertical

copy fonts to /home/.fonts
create a folder named .conky at home folder then copy there the png images.
copy .conkyrc(hidden file) to /home

If you don't use wireless connection change "wlan0" at .conkyrc file(line 54,55,56 bar conky/60,61,62 vertical conky) with your network interface

If you use Gnome 3 DE change at .conkyrc file the line "own_window_type override"--> "own_window_type normal"

screenshot with conky


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Uno de mis favoritos, gracias por compartir.

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SWEET! I added this to my collection (Homepage - external link (… ) for Conky Manager (Homepage -external link (… )
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It's actually very good.... thank you for this
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Costa, a beautiful Conky design, perfect script and it worked first time. yes, I need to change some detail to suit my system but it looks really awesome. Thank you and keep up the good work...

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Thank you very much, nice screenshot.
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i couldnt find main .conkyrc file.
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It is hidden file,choose at file manager properties to showing hidden files.
I tried to make to work but i guess i am not good at this.
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what desktop environment do you use?
I'm using linux mint cinnamon.
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you have to change the line "own_window_type override" to "own_window_type normal" at .conkyrc file.
done so what should i do after that ? is there any command to run all 3 .conkyrc files together?
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no, you have to choose one of the three versions.
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there are 3 different hidden files in those 3 folders with the same im kinda confused.
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it is 3 different versions of conky,like the preview image.
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looking good bro nice..:)
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GREAT work.....!!!!!! Thank you....!!!

Καταπληκτική δουλειά φίλε μου, σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ....!!!!!
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love the clock
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