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Floaty Panel......AWN theme

To make it look like the preview you have to install "awn applets extras"

I use applets with this order: [AWN Main Menu]-[Seperator]-[Terminal]-[File Browser Launcher]-[Separator]-[Launcher/Taskanager]-[Expander]-[Digital Clock]-[Notification Area]-[Seperator]-.[Shut Down]
Panel offset at the advanced options has to be [0]

If you want put down the panel, at the advanced options select [Force monitor mode] and Monitor Y-offset [10]

If you have problems with choosing items behind panel you can select at Preferences : Behavior=intellihide and Autohide mode=transparency

The GTK(AWN Main Menu background) is 10101 [link]
The icons is faenza

~To make this panel i use parts from WOW gtk theme by nale12 [link]
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Can we make the panel a little transparent or change the color from black to white?
If so how?
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unfortunately i no longer use linux os, because i have problem with graphic card ,so i can't help you :(
what does AWN stand for?
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It didn't work, I still had the Z icon and my timer dock was still grey.
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I got it, thanks man!
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How can i get the wide blank space between the Digital clock and the Laucher/Taskmanager?
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You have to put some(3-4) "expander" applets between Digital clock and the Laucher/Taskmanager.
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Great and you're Greek, BONUS POINTS, do i have to download the icons also if i want it to look like yours?
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how do i replace gnome panel with this? because i dont want gnome panel when i already use AWN
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just choose autohide at panel properties
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Thank you!The wall named "blur desert"[link] but i can't find large resolution.
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Excellent! but what's wallpaper you use here ?
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This is Awesome ! :meow:
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great theme & composition! i use it with great pleasure :D
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the icons(main menu and logout)are from here [link](AwOken) , to change the icon just drag and drop.
excellent dock! I've installed it on my linux mint box. is your main menu gnome icon a launcher you manually made? if so how do you make it? I'm also struggling with changing the logout icon.... I'm familiar with changing out regular "launchers" icons but struggling with main menu..
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