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:bulletgreen: Nude Art Collection Features
:bulletred: Serie II - Edition VI, 2010 October, 4th

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Welcome Friends, fans and fellow creatives.  This week we are featuring a set of nudes that cross an interesting spectrum. From the conventionally structured, soft and still powerfully crafted art nudes showing the glory of the human figure to the whimsically-tilted works of fantasy, historical fiction and romanticism.

:+fav: This week's favourite

Mature Content

The Healing by bellabrooke
:iconbellabrooke: by bellabrooke.

"Healing" by photographer Amy Ballinger and submitted by Bella has a profound sense of soothing.  It is actually a soothing balm.  Notice Bella's gentle and restful pose with a subtle double-exposure giving the viewer a sense of motion.  The world healing is of course related to wholeness, even restoration and water in many cultures and religious imagery is associated with water: baptism, new birth, renewal and cleansing.  

The bathing figure resonates with a universal need and desire for refreshment, rest and healing.  The pose and setting make this image a visual balm itself.  It evokes a sense of yearning for stillness, and will perhaps speak to you of your wounds that cry out for healing and your weariness that craves stillness.

The photo has a painterly quality to it and The textures here of course speak to my own textured eye and I find an artistic Kinship with what Bella achieved with Amy in this lovely and profoundly captivating work.  I find the post-processing to be "just right" making the image both other worldly while avoiding becoming cartoonish.  There is great skill, care and love give to this work and you can feel it.

Our other features for this week:

Mature Content

Button Germanic Hat 1 by NickGiles

Mature Content

...and then came woman by MuseMercier
:thumb178890409: :thumb180907059:

Mature Content

troy by sanfrancysco

Mature Content

9738 by aleksandra88
RED by K-E-I-T

Mature Content

i smile only when i shoot by K-E-I-T

Mature Content

nude.. by lococso


Mature Content

Jessy Cowgirl 10 by DanSOLER
:thumb180437637: :thumb158525898:

Mature Content

Ode to Solitude IV by ToMinA-Art

Mature Content

Nicole XVI by Vienna-Calling
coen .. by MoniqueDeCaro

Please be sure to Support your favorite DA artists! Visit them, comment on their works remarking on technical and emotive elements of their works.  And consider purchasing their work if they have prints available.

In the meanwhile, I hope that all is well in love, life and art.

More to come!


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