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Sometimes I have been known to be able to actually draw a character every now and then. Shocking I know, but it’s not exactly Rembrandt.

This is Benthony, a character who popped up in RPs with ACTUAL VISUAL character design! (As opposed to others that could be named. *coughSOPHIAcough*)

Benthony is a blood slime, a race of abyssal slimes that sift food from the mud and water of the ocean floor. Blood slimes are naturally almost transparent, but almost universally give of a deep red phosphorescence, hence their name. While normally fairly humanoid for slimes, Benthony has relocated to the surface and has yet to master the art of shaping a body without the support of a blanket of high pressure water.

Due to their transparent nature and the lightless depths, blood slimes have a number of colors of phosphoresce that they use to communicate, attract food, and hide from predators. Here we see Benthony using that ability to compensate for the race’s lack of visual facial features and producing her own. (Blood slimes possess “faces” of weak electrical currents visible to each other with electroreception.)

Biography: Born in the settlement of Castleton, an undersea town run by a mad merman far deeper than any light could penetrate, Benthony was put to work as part of the slave “caste” of blood slimes maintained by the settlement. This entailed things like gathering food, carving out structures (a task the weak slimes were ill suited for), and processing the trash and debris that rained down over the settlement. Here she was starved, left uneducated, and generally mistreated by her jellyfish/mermaid captors.

That changed when she was rescued by explorers from the surface for the particular mistreatment she received from her handlers as a result of their exploration. Now on the surface, she faces the challenges of her non-existent education, the unfamiliar condition of the surface, and the alien beings that reside there. But there’s no light too blinding nor solid creature too scary to make her abandon the surface again and all its food Food FOOD!

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