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Missy by Vortsukoto Missy :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 10 0 Nesting Dolls by Vortsukoto Nesting Dolls :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 5 3
Sophia Origin
A long time ago, back before there were cars or TV or electricity lived a little girl in a land far across the sea. She was the daughter of a minor noble family and as was common for the time, she had been arranged from birth to marry another noble. You see, back then being relatives was safer than anything else to make friends and allies so who you were married to was very important to your family. And because little girls would never become important nobles themselves, their biggest job of their lives was to be married to one. Now you would say that this was very sad, but that was the way things were back then.
So the little girl was sent away to learn how to be the best wife she could for when the time came that she would finally be married. She was to learn all the ways of nobility, how to be fancy and do a great many tasks, and so the little girl was put with other children who also were to be taught these things. With the other children she met many people and had many friends. A
:iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 5 0
Blue Stone
My son ran up as my brother set down his bags. "Good to see you, little rapscallion! How've you been?"
Tyler held up a plastic nerf pistol. "I got a new gun! I've been shooting bad guys with it! Pechewboosh!" He pulled the trigger at a lamp but his darts were all still locked up after he had managed to land one in a pan I was cooking in last week.
"That's great! I know how much you like to play with this kind of stuff so I brought along a present for you to try out." He unzipped one of the duffel bags and dug around a little.
I sighed, "Oh James, not another nerf gun... He already has five, he doesn't need one more."
He straighten up a little pulling out what looked like a small microphone kit from back when we were kids. "No, not another gun. This one's a lot cooler, and a lot more expensive so be careful with it, okay?"
Tyler nodded like a bobble head to his uncle. He's promise off desserts for a week if it meant he could get a present from his uncle, the man spoiled him wit
:iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 2 0
Birb by Vortsukoto Birb :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 3 0 Ranille by Vortsukoto Ranille :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 3 4 Benthony by Vortsukoto Benthony :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 0 0
Death of the Apothecary-Smith
Journal Entry:
2-15-6853 Elvish Reckoning
Today is a day of mourning as our Apothecary-Smith is suspected to have died today in his dwelling and workshop.
As previously mentioned, his condition had been worsening for several months following his incident with the artificial fang. While his outpourings of ideas have proved invaluable in the construction and design of the aerial craft, the terrifyingly alien nature of many of the designs as well as the man’s eccentricities have both taken on a new fervor in recent weeks. Hardy any day could pass without the smell of fresh rain pouring forth from his shop or strange lights to flicker within it. The phenomena became so bad that my men refused to approach the man’s abode for the sparks that would arc off of their beards and mustaches.
Reports have indicated that today was no different before an insane cackling began to emit from the abode startling a lookout that the Grand Merchant had posted without my knowledge. (I suspect tha
:iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 1 0
Tank Bot by Vortsukoto Tank Bot :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 2 0
1. Jump
Flying away,
Legs that do the job of wings
Carrying me up
And up
So I can fall though to bliss
2. Lie
It leaks
Like acid
Between your the teeth, inside my brain
Every word another drop
It’s killing me every day
Your apologies bring only one comfort
More acid
And a quicker death
3. Death
Such is the fear of all men
That when they are gone
Naught but a husk shall remain
But truly…
Was there ever anything but the husk
To leave?
4. Love
They say that love is in the heart
That this muscle is where the emotion resides
I say that love is in the blood
Caressing every nook, every cranny
And enraging the veins with fire
And Ice
And regret
5. Blood Bath
Such decadence
Death for the hungry, for amusement
Ham-handed executions and red syrup stains
To kill is a goal, an art
Those who are not artists
Are paint
6. let go (or giving up)
What was here once?
Something grand? A lowly hut?
It was torn down by forces beyond our ken
Ever and again it was leveled
And slowly, piece
:iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 0 0
Afro by Vortsukoto Afro :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 1 0 Green Eyes by Vortsukoto Green Eyes :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 1 0 Beard by Vortsukoto Beard :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 2 0 CEL by Vortsukoto CEL :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 3 0 Shield by Vortsukoto Shield :iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 1 0
I am a Writer
I am the teller of tales in the dark
I am the musings of fate
I am the actor playing my part
I am the drive to create
I am the old man, the moon and the stars
I am the grit at your heel
I am the villain trapped behind bars
I am the plot twist, the heroic ideal
I am the story, winding and true for as long as you cast me your ear
I am the sum of yourself and the world; beyond hope, beyond hate, beyond fear
:iconvortsukoto:Vortsukoto 2 3


Mek by Sufferst Mek :iconsufferst:Sufferst 75 2 Waghallla! by HarryOsborn-Art Waghallla! :iconharryosborn-art:HarryOsborn-Art 480 31 Gathlain Sorceress by Earl-Graey Gathlain Sorceress :iconearl-graey:Earl-Graey 499 16 Squash n Stretchy Shapely Selections by LittleIkki Squash n Stretchy Shapely Selections :iconlittleikki:LittleIkki 96 4 Moniqomics - Rocky Roast by LittleIkki Moniqomics - Rocky Roast :iconlittleikki:LittleIkki 69 10
Answering Machine
CLICK "High you've reached the phone of Cadence Tomson. I can't answer the phone right now since I'm trapped as my own answering machine. If you would like me to get back to you if and when I change back please leave your name and number after the beep.”  BEEP
BEEP “Hey Cadence, it’s Steve.  I was going to call you to warn you about my crazy ex, but it looks like I’m a little late, sorry.  If you want to go out again after you change back please give me a call.” CLICK
BEEP “Hey Cadence it’s Janet.  I just had a rough day and thought I would call you up I always get a kick out of hearing your voice.  I hope you're enjoying yourself.  I have to get back to work now but I’m sure I’ll find some time later to give you another call.” CLICK
BEEP “Hey Cadence it’s Janet again.  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,  Oh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.” COUGHING.GASPING FOR BREATH
:iconuncloudedidentity:UncloudedIdentity 50 23
Moniqomics - Professional Boxing by LittleIkki Moniqomics - Professional Boxing :iconlittleikki:LittleIkki 74 11 OCt requests by DaemonKing
Mature content
OCt requests :icondaemonking:DaemonKing 81 6
Month of Mons' - 30 by LittleIkki Month of Mons' - 30 :iconlittleikki:LittleIkki 25 1 Month of Mons' - 20 by LittleIkki Month of Mons' - 20 :iconlittleikki:LittleIkki 38 3 Sledge Morph Sheet by DB-Palette Sledge Morph Sheet :icondb-palette:DB-Palette 97 11 Evil Sunz Ork by DiegoGisbertLlorens Evil Sunz Ork :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 664 34 Squid n' Gal by Coonstito Squid n' Gal :iconcoonstito:Coonstito 36 6 Moniqomics - Home Sweet Home by LittleIkki Moniqomics - Home Sweet Home :iconlittleikki:LittleIkki 63 2 Spaceships Skycity Painting by MartaNael Spaceships Skycity Painting :iconmartanael:MartaNael 5,671 725 The Elastic Trip : June 5th by kecomaster The Elastic Trip : June 5th :iconkecomaster:kecomaster 86 17



United States
I can't figure out how to talk to people.
While Anna has no real story or place yet within the Surreal-verse, that isn't true for all my characters. Ignoring collaborative characters like Silky or Dorothy whose creatorship is murkier, there's the case of Yuu. Bridging the gap between two groups of characters, Yuu exists within the Surreal-verse and the Malich-verse.

Yuu and Missy by Vortsukoto
Missy Malich (left) and Yuu (right) by LittleIkki Detail of Ikki's Shapely Selections, Volume 4

Yuu, as portrayed, is as she was in the late 1980's. In her last years of High School Yuu was both friend and roommate to Missy Malich after Missy moved to Japan in an attempt to escape her family. There she discovered Yuu who was struggling with her developing "magical girl powers", the psychic abilities of an Astral (any human with Surreal powers) within the context of the Surreal-verse.

Yuu by Tako by Vortsukoto
Yuu by Tako from Discord

Yuu's abilities can be summarized into 3 powers: The ability to animate objects, the ability to notice manifesting dreams, and a hyper-sensitivity to possession.
-Yuu's ability to animate objects is limited in scope, but with a command and series of gestures (basically just waving about) she can focus ambient energy into an object enough to create a spirit. These creations are temporary and near-mindless but can accomplish basic tasks if commanded by Yuu. Spirit possessed objects warp and bend harmlessly to propel themselves and once Yuu masters the creation of more powerful spirits, they'll begin to adopt tsukonogami-like traits such as eyes, mouths, or limbs.

Yuu Flat by Vortsukoto
Yuu being scrolled by LittleIkki

-Yuu's most consistent problem is her ability to notice manifesting dreams. (When a Surrealite's dream drifts into contact with reality, it creates a manifestation zone. These zones overlay themselves onto reality altering both the geography and the people within them to fit the dream but leave no memory of their odd nature in those who view or are affected by it.) At first Yuu believed these to be hallucinations, but has come to realize that these manifestation are real and can cause disasters and harm if allowed to persist. Being the only person she knows who can perceive the odd and unsettling changes she feels a moral responsibility to try and put a stop to them and the entities that run wild within them, a dangerous endeavor.

Yuu and Missy backpack by Vortsukoto
Yuu with Missy as a Backpack by LittleIkki

-By far the worst of Yuu's problems when it crops up is her sensitivity to possession. Possession is normally the ability of ghosts, fighting with a body's inhabitant to hijack it for themselves temporarily or placing themselves into an inanimate object. Powerful ghosts can even warp the person or object to adopt some of their physical traits, even in defiance of physical laws. Yuu however can grant these abilities to most any spiritual being that tries to enter her; the presence of a possessing entities warping Yuu's body to closely resemble their normal forms leaving only hints of her original body behind. Unfortunately, as an aspect of this power, Yuu is very weak when it comes to fighting such possessions off. She's practically made to have her body stolen and her mind shoved into the back of her head, barely a whisper in the mind of whatever is controlling her body. Entities can only leave willingly (if they know how) or are ejected when Yuu's body falls asleep or unconscious. An obstinate surrealite or fey could control her body for DAYS until it passed out.

Yuu rokurokubi by Vortsukoto
Yuu Rokurokubi by Tako from Discord

Yuu's can even open herself up and channel a (usually) random entity out of the Surreal into herself using this power. Since these entities usually possess some fantastic abilities and other supernatural traits this ability sacrifices her autonomy to a random being it can be a lifesaver when Yuu is in a tight situation. Her issue though is that this is a very easy ability for Yuu to activate and she can sometimes use it inadvertently when suitably panicked or startled, leaving her trapped at the whims of a random entity for an unknown length of time.

Between her possession ability and the changes cause by entering various manifestations, Yuu experiences frequent TFs as characterized by much of the art here.

Yuu Bird by Vortsukoto
Yuu as a Tengu by LittleIkki

Yuu's attempts to dispel manifested Surrealites and any spirit minions they may have are not all solo endeavors. While Yuu is the only one she knows who can perceive the manifestations independently, Missy seems to possesses a 6th sense when it comes to them. This isn't enough to push Missy's through into seeing manifestation zones on her own, she can only sense something is odd about the area, however with practice and Yuu's insight that something is off Missy can punch through into realizing manifestations. Missy's Malich powers certainly come in handy in such cases, making her much more robust than Yuu when the two pair up do deal with manifestations or the creatures they disgorge.

In addition, when Yuu loses control of herself due to a possession, Missy's powers make her one of the most useful people to subdue the entity if needed. This combination of needing to protect Yuu from her own powers and Yuu being younger leads to Missy adopting parental role in managing Yuu, something she hadn't done before even with her own sister.

Young Missy and Yuu by Vortsukoto

Young Missy (in her supersuit) and Yuu by LittleIkki

While the day to day struggles of powers are troublesome, to make matters worse Yuu suffers from a strong sense of independent responsibility. Without many close friends, especially after several episodes where her developing powers made her "the weird girl", Yuu tries to take on problems to the fullest of he ability without asking for help and without shying away from the work if she can help it. What would be diligent under normal circumstances instead keeps causing her to work herself to exhaustion and injury trying to excel in school while at the same time living semi-independently and fighting manifestations as they arise. Slogging home beaten and bruised only to attempt to study while cooking herself a meal day in and day out is grueling and counterproductive.

Yuu fan by Vortsukoto

Yuu with a fan by LittleIkki

Behind the scenes, the manifestations that plague Yuu are not merely happenstance. Yuu's ability to become possessed was discovered early on and has caught certain interests within The Surreal. These interests have begun to prod unsuspecting surrealites on a crash course with her in the hopes of driving her to use her abilities as much as possible, each usage granting them another chance for them or a minion hop into her body and lodge themselves in with exotic surreal devices. All in the hope of taking her body for themselves and leaving her trapped within her twisted possessed form as the entity puppets it around forever. While this threat is unknown to Yuu, each time she uses the ability simply compounds its danger and risks bringing forth something neither her nor Missy can put back.

Yuu doll by Vortsukoto
Yuu Doll by LittleIkki


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