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Triangle - Yamcha Bulma Vegeta
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Published: August 11, 2009
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i merely colored it. The original can be seen here : [link]

if this is yours i will be willing to take off upon request (or credit).

i like this triangle
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Not much of a triangle when Yamcha never stood a chance.
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CamiloSama|Student Artist
Yamcha: Hey, Bulma, I...
Vegeta: Back off, you fool! She is mine now!
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The triangle did not survive to see the end of the day... because Yamacha was Yamcha'd by a Saibaman.
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Oppai-Exedra|Hobbyist General Artist
How Saiyans do love triangles: punch out the other guy and take the girl. :thumbsup::iconraditz:
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the-phantom-90|Professional General Artist
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Yamcha and Vegeta fell into the "dulcinea effect" over Bulma. And the woman is only having fun at their expense...
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MDTartist83| General Artist
Nice one, Vegeta!
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IOI very good job
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CaPtAiNdOgIsHeRe's avatar
I wouldn't even call it a triangle. Its more like a line with an extra point trying to join the segment.  
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And i think is "retared fans not knowing the TRUE reason PVegeta is with PBulma"
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You just got knocked the fuck out, Yamcha! XD
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Vegeta : (crying in pain) Ow my hands how strong are you human?!
Yamcha : I'm SP Cell strong!*
Vegeta : Fuck you, toy ani may shin!**
Toei : Blah blah blah prince of all blah blah blah
Vegeta : Waaaah! 
Bulma : :)

* - In filler, Yamcha beat up Olivu -> a guy who is matched to Paikuhan -> guy who owned Super Perfect Cell in hell
** - Yes Toei hates Vegeta (pink shirt, Cell jr deflecting final flash, Yamcha owns Vegeta, his fear of worms, red/brown hair, Kurilin mocking him when Trunks USSJ2 was getting owned by Cell etc.) you won't see Vegeta hate in the manga
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That doesn't make sense, so he gets treated like that in the anime but not in the manga? Ooooooooooooook then.
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Yep, it seems Yamcha is Toei's fav character

Oh don't be so shocked, Toei version doesn't make any sense *cough* movie 13 *cough*
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Retards this days

No wait it was done by Kabu, i take that back

Anyway BulmaxVegeta makes no fucking sense, unless we're talking about FBulmaxFVegeta

Specially if we're talking about saiyan saga Vegeta
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RyugaSSJ3|Student Traditional Artist
I'd tap that Bulma tube top anyday too. :)
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theblackalma13|Student Traditional Artist
That make sense
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lol pretty much what happened... minus the blood  :D (Big Grin) 
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Yamcha : "wow bulma.....woooooooow....I see how it is , I see how it is....I even look in the direction of another girl it's all , you sonnovabitch , you dog ,your such a cheating bastard , but you , you just go and jump in any guys arms and expect no talk from me ....fuck you...just fuck you ....fyi vegeta I HIT IT FIRST "

Vegeta : (classic dba ten minute gasp )
Bulma : "whaaaaaat I dunno what he's talking about , whaaaaat yamcha you liar!"
Vegeta : "ha i knew it yamcha you lying weakling !"
Yamcha : "hey vegeta..."
Vegeta : what you weakling crappile?
Yamcha : "challenge me when you finally get a job....your thirty "

Bulma : "valid point...valid point "
Yamcha : "hmph"
Vegeta : "you don't have a job either earthling your just a lowly bandit ! "
Yamcha : "I play proffesional million dollar baseball on an all star team...shut the hell up "
Everyone in dbz "daaaaaaaaaaayuuuuuummmm!!!!"
Vegeta : "fuck off!!"
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Peach-Tigress|Student General Artist
So what you're saying is that Yamcha is this sexist dude who acts like Bulma is some prize to claim sexually, that Yamcha is someone who's forever bitter about not being married to his ex? Wow. That's so ooc. Sure he was upset about baby Trunks at first, but he moved on. Besides, why would he bash a guy (Vegeta) who trains his ass off to be strong enough to fight powerful threats? Yamcha was a bandit before he was a baseball player. I doubt he would make fun of someone without a job. Also, Bulma would've still been the one making more money even if Yamcha married her and became a rich athlete, so why would Yamcha make fun of a guy who's wife is the breadwinner? Yamcha is nicer and more mature than that. Give him more credit.
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xdeanaxxrawrx|Student Digital Artist
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