Shooter on the Pony Knoll
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Many citizens of Equestria still wonder who took the shot to Princess Celestia. Some scholars, journalists or even conspiracy theorists believe that there was more than one shooter on the Pony Knoll.

Okay, for those who don't get this comic, it's basically one of my favorite conspiracy theories, the Shooter on the Grassy Knoll, which claims that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the only one gunning for JFK, that his assassination could have been carried out by (let's just say...) the CIA or some other enemy of the state.

Vectors used:

Autumn Forest: [link]
Sweet Apple Acres: [link]
Ponyville Park: [link]
Plains near Fluttershy's home: [link]
Ponyville: [link]
Princess Celestia: [link]
Rainbow Dash Sniper: [link]
Sniper Fluttershy: [link]
Twilight Sniper: [link]
Rarity: [link]

Brushes Used: [link]

MLP: FiM belongs to Hasbro/Lauren Faust.
Red Sniper belongs to Team Fortress 2.
Comic belongs to me.
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Comments (25)
NPOtheartist's avatar
NPOtheartist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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firestorm310's avatar
this happened to me and my friends playing halo2 we all snipping and had cammo on
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TheD888's avatar
Its all a paintball game, with paintball sniper guns :3
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NPOtheartist's avatar
NPOtheartist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Suuuure it is.
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MarkusXC94's avatar
So Twilight is trying to kill Fluttershy, who's trying to kill Rainbow Dash, who trying to kill Celestia? So, Twi is preventing Fluttershy from saving Celestia? My Little Conspiracy?
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LegatoSkyheart's avatar
only Twilight is in Costume.
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ZeroZi's avatar
she looks awesome in TF2 sniper outfit
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kjBALLAR's avatar
Am I the only one that notice the Halo Sniper zoom for when Rarity was zoomed in on twilight?
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ToxicITZI's avatar
Rarity is best sniper, she can kill twilight with her digital camera. I Just Know she is capable!
but in all honesty, this could've used Pinkie Pie and her Pinkie Pie launcher [link] . oh well, still a good pic! :D
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Slaphappy16's avatar
what you did there with twilight.... i saw it.
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SandPerv's avatar
this could end interestingly
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misterz100's avatar
XD Fluttershy with a 50cal XD
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jakehunter's avatar
ahha o dear!
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Djbrony923's avatar
Djbrony923|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Snipa: you frilly show ponies!!! *looks at self* fuck.....
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GauntletPorsche's avatar
GauntletPorsche|Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa, Sniperception
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EagleSpartan888's avatar
Nice concept. Awesome work!
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DesultoryMoonlighter's avatar
wheres pinkie? probably about to shoot everyone down their scopes.
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Xtermanator's avatar
LAWL! nice lil mexican stand off!
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develray|Hobbyist General Artist
very good. ( of corse twilight would be sniper. )
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asluc96|Hobbyist General Artist
wow nice!

NOOOOO!! Twilight Sniper cannot die like that!
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the-derp-man24's avatar
is this an inception thing?
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Mr-Archer-H's avatar
Mr-Archer-H|Student General Artist
lol. great. sniper ponies.
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StrawberryMilk9's avatar
StrawberryMilk9|Hobbyist General Artist
And then nobody was left.

...Except for Pinkie Pie. No one even saw her coming.
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Luigi-iz-da-bomb's avatar
Is that because pinkie dropped a nuke?
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