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April 12, 2021
Starry sky by whitecrow-soul
Featured by Astralseed
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Starry sky


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brother and sister
commission for :iconschnadin:
Thank you <3

characters :iconschnadin:
design of the characters :iconsergetishbein:
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Such a beautiful piece of artwork I love this so much just sheer perfection x

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Congrats on your DD!!! :dance: :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Beautiful work <3 Lightning and shading is done very nicely which gives a bit mysterious feeling when watching this. Great work!

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Beautiful horses art!!!! I love it so much that I was wondering if you give me the permission to scrap this one...? I will give the credit - your link deviant art once I done it/post it in mine...please let me know what you think. I only scrap for fun (hobby)...nothing else.

PS I love scrapping beautiful photos/art/paintings/ my own style.

Have a g'day and stay safe.

Vorona-Sidhe's avatar

Yes, of course you can do it. I don't mind at all!

Thank you soo much!!

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Thank you Verona-Sidhe! Once it's done...I will post in my deviantart blog. I will let you know when so that you can come and see it for yourself and perhaps make a comment. Hehe (wink)

I just love your art! It will make beautiful scrapbooks...have a g'day!

Hugs from Montreal

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Congrats on the DD!

NRGComics's avatar

I love the idea of crimson horses!!

SchnaDin's avatar

Original designs of the horses was by the talented @/SergeTishbein! :3

And Verona-Sidhe did an amazing job with that comission bringing out their colours! <3

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Love this! Horses are my most favorite thing ever!
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We're living in a more enlightened age when we can recognise the splendour of an equestrian portrait without quibbling over whether or not the rider needs be present.

Superbly done.

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Wow, so vibrant. Love the red pelts.

LetFreedomReign2's avatar

Woah, this is absolutely gorgeous:la:he colors, lighting, brushstrokes, and anatomy are just incredible:la:a:

wolfsoldier13's avatar
What beautiful artwork, I love the horses!. Nice work. 🙂
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