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Discount Emergency Commissions and Update

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 7:57 AM

Hey there everyone!


So I wanted to update you guys a bit. So I got all my stuff moved to my aunt's house (with the exception of a few things my dad's girlfriend cherry picked and stole from me... but that's being dealt with)
But since I've been here things have been rather difficult.

Firstly I'd like to address that my aunt and I get along swell, she's very sweet and I love her. However... I've been unable to do much of anything because I've kind of become her house wife.
My aunt is a very capable woman, but she's rather lazy and sloppy.
I'm sure I've expressed to some of you the mess that was this house before I came in and cleaned it up and of course she's been making no effort to help me keep it cleaned.
Essentially I'm the constant caretaker here. Between caring for myself, my foster kittens, and the times I have to go help my sister with her wedding ordeals and seeing my little brother once every other week I also have to take care of my aunt.
I cook every meal for her (which as some of you know can be pretty time consuming depending on the meal), I clean up after her constantly, I take care of her cat (which isn't too hard, but it's still another thing I need to take time out to do), I go shopping for/with her, I do all the yard work (which there is quite a bit of, especially since her brother is anal and requires I do everything a VERY specific way otherwise he calls and complains because he has the next door neighbors keep an eye on our upkeep of the outside...)
Living here has essentially become a full time job of its own. One that I'm not being paid for which is even more annoying because I can't get work done as quickly as I have in the past.
The other reason I'm moving is because my uncle has been pushing for me to get another job if I plan to live here, to the point of calling me every few days to annoy me about the matter, which... since I can't work because I'm playing housewife here, it looks like to him I'm just being worthless thanks to a butt-ton of lies my dad told him. But that's a whole other case of worms I don't feel like getting into because it annoys me.

Thankfully there's a bright side and saving grace in all of this.
My boyfriend has noticed me being rather stressed out about all this and asked me if I would like to move in with him. I've already talked to him about how much I actually like to work when I'm not playing house wife and he's fine with leaving me be after I first move in so I can fly through my commissions like I was prior to the move. Thankfully he's capable and does take care of himself and won't need to rely on me to clean up after him.
So we've cleared this with his land lord and I'm able to move in at my earliest convenience.

Of course this means needing to gather funds to move again and to turn on internet at his place. Before anyone says anything, I know... How the actual fuck do you live without an internet connection at your home? Everyone has internet! He has a large amount of data on his phone but like... that's a phone... You know what, I'll spare you all of my "why the fuck you have no internet?" rant that I gave him XD

Anyway, I know it's probably not a very great idea for me to pile more work on my head at this point, but for the sake of me having a freaking chance to get moved somewhere that I don't have to play housewife and can actually work, I don't really have a choice.
My boyfriend is going to help me as much as he can with the move, but I still have to get the internet turned on there and will likely need to rent another truck to get moved again. (Thankfully I have people to kidnap and force into helping me move this time. BUWAHAHA!)


For the next few days I'll be opening commissions again and having a sale on very specific themes, which I will list below.

ANYTHING HALLOWEEN RELATED WILL GET 20% OFF THE FULL COMMISSION! Because Halloween is awesome, that's why.
I'll also be working my hardest to get any Halloween stuff finished before the month is up, with that being said, I ask that anything Halloween related be limited to a Single Scene for this reason.
There will be a limited number of Halloween slots open though so once those are gone they're gone! 

Themes Available for 15% Discount (This will not stack with the Halloween Discount):
~ My Girls (Rose, Thorn, Kassie) 
~ Tentacles
~ Fate Characters
~ LoZ: Breath of the Wild Characters
~ Snake Vore
~ Bondage
~ Tail Vore
~Anal Vore
~ Sex Scenes (Vaginal, Anal, Strap-ons, and Futa Included) 
~ Micro Characters interacting with Large Surroundings (Not Vore related, just micro/tiny adventures) 
~ Lamia/Naga Vore


If you are interested in helping me out my Commission Application can be found here:…

And prices can be found here:…
(Note the prices listed do not have discounts added to them, you'll need to do the math yourself if you're curious before inquiring about commissions)

If you're not able to help it's completely alright! Your love and emotional support still means the world to me and I thank each and every one of you who contact me often to see how things are going. You guys are awesome ^^

Anyway, here's to hoping this will actually be the last time I have to move for a little... Because I really REALLY hate moving at this point... Let's all just keep our fingers crossed this will be the last time for a while and that I will finally get some peace to do my work and start bettering myself again.

Love and hugs,

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Filling out an application rigth now
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