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If You Do This...

Sun Aug 26, 2018, 8:36 AM

Jerk by VoraciousRose

You're and entitled jerk and we can't be friends. 

So if you're one of these people. Stop. 

If you're not one of these people, then thank you for being a decent human being, keep up the good work! 

I'm done telling people that "I'm sorry" when they come to me asking for hours of work for free... I'm going to call them out for being twats and tell them why they are wrong. 
But seriously... if you're one of those people running around asking for free art, consider this. 
We artists are human. It takes us countless hours to produce something. We work hard for the money we ask for. Sometimes we even short ourselves and don't make you pay extra if we miscalculate. 
Thinking we do, is being an entitled brat. You don't deserve anything, we don't owe you anything. 
If you can't pay for our hard work, that's on you. Go work, make some money, make a paypal, and pay for the things you want like everyone else. 


I decided to reopen some of my favorite YCHs from over time. 
None of these are auctions! 
You just pick the YCH you like, pick what type of finish you like, and grab a slot. 

Beyond all this Kego bullshit I'm still trying quite hard to get funds to help my little sister with her wedding. And of course anything extra I end up with I can refund some of the icons and donations. 
If I get my money, cool, if not... I guess this is a lesson learned. 

Either way, I have to keep going and keep working.

Mature Content

Kassie YCH REOPEN by VoraciousRose

Mature Content

YCH #34 REOPEN by VoraciousRose

Mature Content

YCH #24 REOPEN by VoraciousRose

Mature Content

Internal YCH REOPEN by VoraciousRose

Kego Scammed Us

Sat Aug 11, 2018, 6:19 PM

So... Some of you already know this by now, but for those who don't. It turns out that Kego isn't sick. In fact... He never was sick. 
He lied to us all this entire fucking time. Let so many of us rally for him to try to get him medical help and it all turned out to be fake. 

I started getting suspicious when Kego revealed to me what the medical diagnosis was and that he found a doctor to do it for $600 and that they could have it done in a week's time. 
I started looking this stuff up and from the info I found there was no way the procedure would be done for that cheap, and no way it could be done that fast. There were tests and things that would need run before surgery and there's just no way it could be done in a week. 

As far as doing a surgery for only $600, I just had a surgery in March to remove my gallbladder. That surgery was $14,000. And it was an out patient surgery, so I didn't even stay in the hospital. 

So things were smelling quite fishy to me then, but I held off. Maybe Kego did find a doctor willing to do it cheap, or maybe he had good insurance? And maybe they could get it done fast. I mean... according to Kego he only had 3 months left to live without this life saving surgery. 

It wasn't long before Kego told us he needed more money. He said he found a doctor closer by who could do it for $1000. Weird that you'd find a doctor who will still do the surgery so very cheap, but okay, alright, maybe... I guess? 

At this point things were smelling extra fishy so I contacted Crufl with my concerns. I came to the conclusion that I was just paranoid. After all... I didn't have any proof and I'm not one to start throwing around accusations until I have solid proof. 

Well, day before Kego's surgery comes, I get a message from A0 saying that Kego's doctor was murdered out of nowhere and now Kego needed $1500 for another doctor in the area willing to preform the surgery. 
I was beyond done. The goal had gone up twice now, the doctor was murdered the day before the surgery, and now... SURPRISE! Kego wants even more money from us. 

I put my detective hat on and went to work. First plan of action was to try to get proof from Kego. I wanted to be wrong, my god you guys have no idea how wrong I wanted to be! 
So I message Kego asking for proof. He can't give it to me, all his proof is in Cali. Okay... He went to a doctor in Oregon, an ER, they had to of given him discharge papers. He tells me that the printer in the ER was down and that they only gave him a paper that looks like a 3rd grader wrote it. 
Well... That's... odd... ERs would surely have more than one printer, and I brought this to Kego's attention. Again he lied more, made more excuses. 
So I asked him for this scribble paper. He wouldn't send it. He then starts telling me he's going to the ER right now to get the surgery and he can't talk anymore. 

An hour later he comes into Aesir's chat saying the surgery was done and was a success! HOLY FUCKING HELL! The replacement of not just 1 but 2 organs done in just 1 hour!? We were all flabbergasted! This surgeon must be the fastest hands in the whole world! My surgery, a simple gallbladder removal took 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete! There's just no way! So Aesir's group starts pressing on Kego, like "just an hour, wow that was fast, are you sure it was done right?" After lots of pressing Kego goes "Jeez guys, I'm so sorry, I just fell asleep, I'm going in for surgery for real this time" 



I'm sorry, how did you not know whether you had surgery or not!? I recently went through surgery (do I even need to say this anymore) and I'll tell you what! There's no effing way I didn't know! I hurt, I was coughing because there was a tube put down my throat. There was no questioning "I wonder if they cut me open yet?" 

I was beyond done. My digging went into overdrive. I knew he was lying but I didn't have proof. I pressed Kego for a selfie while in the hospital, he says he has no camera. No camera on his phone or ipad. More lies. 
At this point I have my switch turned on, I'm determined to catch this liar. He's online, playing the new Okami game. I message him and ask how surgery is going and I get a message back saying "This is his girlfriend, if you see him online on the switch that's me, I'm playing it"
Hold up... how do you know I have a switch and am online? My name on my switch is different from my username of VoraciousRose (for obvious reasons) 
I've never talked to his girlfriend, so I doubt she knows my handle on the switch. 

So after a little more digging I find a facebook. I then find a facebook to a sweet little old lady who has commented on a few of Kego's facebook pictures. I start looking at her account. I'm going hard core creeper mode on this, I feel a little weird creeping on this sweet old lady's facebook but I can't turn back now. I need to find this proof, not just for me but for all of us who took work to help Kego. I was doing it especially for A0, who put in so much fucking work for this it's unreal. 
After digging through the pictures I see one of Kego, I get confirmation from A0 that it is indeed him. The caption on the picture states that Kego is this lady's grandson. 

At this point I have a decision to make. Stop what I'm doing, not bother this lady, or message her and see if I can get some info. I decide I've come too far, I need to know the truth and here I can have it! 
I message her. I try to be as polite as I can and just make it look like I'm a very concerned friend who hasn't heard from a close friend in a while and am worried. 
She messages me back that she'd just talked to Kego 2 days ago and he was fine. 

I bring this info to A0 and then bust Kego. I tell him to come clean, A0 is doing the same. He tries to defend himself, tries to make me look like I don't know what I'm talking about. At this point the lady tells me not to send him any more money and she sends me a link to a website telling me how to sue someone for theft under false pretenses! Holy shit! She just confirmed my suspicions! Kego is taking us for fools! 

Finally Kego comes clean. He makes a bunch of excuses like "I was drunk", "It was my brother", and a bunch of other horse shit. I'm furious at this point. 

Not just because I'm now doing a bunch of commissions to raise funds for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON now. But I'm also upset because A0 and others got scammed too! 
Even worse, I've been quite sick myself. I'm having trouble walking, my legs are in constant pain that comes and goes, I've even been walking with a cane quite often. And now my hands are having some trouble and I'm hoping I can get to my doctor to start figuring this out before they get as bad as my legs and feet. 
But anyway, with Kego actually having known this, he still took a large amount of money from me! 

Me and A0 are trying very hard to get money back from Kego. If we can't I'm seriously considering taking legal actions as it was over $1000 that we sent Kego collectively. 

There's so much info... I hope I managed to get it all down. 

Just know that as far as icon commissions are concerned, I STILL PLAN TO DO THEM. Just because I got burned doesn't mean you guys should be burned too. I take responsibility for my decision to do commissions out of the kindness of my bleeding heart and I'm not going to make others suffer for my choice. 

I just want you all to promise me you won't give Kego another dime, in fact... I'm not sure if I'd even trust him with anything from here on out. 

Anyway, I'll be updating you all more in the future if we ever get our money back and such. 

I would like to ask that you all refrain from bothering Kego about any of this. A0 and myself are handling this just fine on our own. If it turns out Kego doesn't return the money, I already have a plan of action to take legal measures against Kego, not only for the money he stole, but for damages that have been done to myself and my friends over this situation. 

If you are Kego and you are reading this, please just return the money and this will all blow over.

Commission Streaming 4/10

Tue Apr 10, 2018, 5:42 PM

Commission Steaming

Mon Apr 9, 2018, 5:37 PM

Working on a commission. Come check it out!

Anniversary Stream

Sun Apr 8, 2018, 7:03 PM

Redoing my first picture to celebrate 5 years in the vore community!

Surgery Update (I LIVE!)

Fri Mar 2, 2018, 11:05 AM

Hello friends, 

As you can see I have made it through the surgery safe and sound!
Actually, the surgery went a lot better than I expected (keep in mind this was my first surgery and I was pretty scared) 

So for those who are curious here's how yesterday went! (If you don't care, read past the second break line)

I got to the hospital at 10am (10:00) and they brought me back into the pre-surgery waiting room. 
I had to strip on down to my birthday suit then get into a gown, booties, hospital underwear (which are just sad mesh panties XD) They got me into my bed and got me comfortable. 
Then the sweet nurse came in and put my IV in, another nurse followed her and put these sleeves over my legs (they would puff up every few seconds to promote blood flow to avoid blood clots) She also put a heating blanket over me. 
After that they let my boyfriend and :icontsundere-hana: join me in my room. Hana said they were calling her into work and ended up leaving at 11am (11:00). My boyfriend kept her updated though so she could update you guys on Discord. 
The previous surgery ended up taking longer than expected so my surgery didn't actually happen until after 2pm (14:00). The nurses came into my room, gave me another medicine via IV, and put a cap on my head. I had my boyfriend snap a pic and then the nurses rolled me off for my surgery. 
Img 20180302 115317 157 by VoraciousRose
I remember getting into the OR and sliding from my bed to the OR table. They had me extend my left arm and then decided to extend my right arm as well. I remember them propping up the right arm and then that was it! I fell to sleep before I could do anything else. I don't remember counting backward or any of that jazz, as soon as I hit the operation table I was gone. 
Next thing I knew I was waking up coughing. I had mask on my face and everything was blurry. I could see a person moving next to me and heard her talking. My throat hurt and my stomach was sore from coughing. I began to groan and the nurse patted my arm and told me "Sweetie, you're alright, no need to make so much noise, just relax" I stopped groaning but I continued to bobble my head around trying to see straight. It didn't feel like it was taking me long to come through and I soon began talking my slurred words at the nurse, I don't even really remember what I was saying. I think I told her my throat was sore (they put a tube down my throat after I fell to sleep to make sure I kept breathing and took it out before I came through) and all I kept saying was "my stomach... it hurts... it hurts..." So the nurse gave me more medicine in my IV and I started coming through even more. 
Pretty soon I was talking to the nurse just fine and they determined it was time for me to go to the recovery room to sit up in a chair, drink water, and wake up more. My boyfriend could reunite with me there. 
They got me transfered into my nice little chair, gave me water and crackers, and more medicine as I started to hurt again.
Img 20180302 115135 814 by VoraciousRose
I started chugging the water as it was now like... 5pm (17:00) and I hadn't drank anything all day. I couldn't quench my thirst for anything! And the graham crackers weren't helping but I was soooo hungry! I think I drank at least 6 glasses of water trying to fix my problem... it wasn't working DX
Once I came through really well, was talking just fine and feeling better the nurse brought in more medicine (oral meds now) for me to take for my pain before leaving. She then helped me get dressed in the clothes I came in with and helped unhook me from all the stuff they had attached to me. 
Seriously, all the staff at the hospital were freaking fantastic and they helped make my surgery experience sooooo much better than I could have ever asked for, it was some above and beyond service and I'll have to go in and bring all the nurses candy and cards for the specific nurses once I'm fully recovered. 
I finally left the hospital at 6pm (18:00). 
Once we got home there were bags in front of my door and a note. Unfortunately I was having a rough time with standing and couldn't do everything I should have done. Sorry Hana DX
Anyway, :icontsundere-hana: wasn't called into work! She actually left so she could come to my house and decorate the crap out of it and make me an awesome surprise party! There was LoZ:MM stuff everywhere and she had the Song of Healing playing through her phone! It was freaking awesome and the best surprise I've ever gotten. All you guys need a friend like Hana, she's the absolute best and wasn't joking when she said she was going to make my birthday the best!
Thank you again Hana! I love you so much and I'm so happy I have a best friend like you Heart 

Anyway tl;dr, the surgery went great and I'm feeling pretty good while recovering. I'm keeping ontop of my medicine and am feeling very little pain (besides when I cough, laugh, or hiccup but that's normal). 

I'm very in and out of consciousness but hopefully that will pass as I continue to recover. 

Also, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes you guys are all great and make me feel so loved Heart 

I'll update more as I improve. Until then, I'll do my best to keep getting better! 

Love and Hugs, 

Update - Surgery Soon

Sat Feb 24, 2018, 9:35 AM

Hey everyone,

Wanted to give you all an update (since I'm up stupid early after having some tests done for pre-op) 
I've gotten everything cleared with my work and will be able to keep my job through all this (thankfully) however since I'm still on probation (6 months of new employee probation, I'm not even 1/2 way through) my leave will be unpaid. 
They're projecting about 2 weeks of recovery, but if I'm feeling better before then my surgeon said he will release me back to work (only after the first week of recovery though)

So my off time is going to be spent drawing once I'm feeling well enough to sit at my computer. 

So! About the surgery for those of you who are curious. I will be going in on March 1st (My 25th birthday... yes... I get surgery for my birthday this year...) for the surgery. I'm getting  Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Laproscopic Gallbladder Removal). Basically they're poking 4-5 holes in my stomach and using long tools to remove my gallbladder, they said we aren't even going to bother just removing the stones as they usually come back after a year or so, so we're just taking it out... good riddens... damn gallbladder... 
Given the surgery goes well (which it hopefully will), I'll be going home the same day. I'll have been under general anesthetic (they're putting me to sleep for a little), so I'll likely not be making updates the day of. However I might have my friend :icontsundere-hana: give updates over on discord for you guys as she's taken off for the surgery and will be there with me for moral support, like the wonderful wife she is Heart 

Anyway, after the surgery the doctor says I'll probably feel pretty bad for 3ish days, I hope not but like... at this point a few more days of pain isn't anything... I'll take that bullet to never deal with this again! 

But yeah hopefully when that's all done I'll be feeling wonderful and back to functioning like a normal person! 

And of course I'll let you guys know how the surgery went when I'm able to ^^

Also, thank you to everyone who gave me info about this, your help has really put my mind at ease. I appreciate it. 

And as always thank you all again for all your love and support! I hope you all are doing well and that things are going good for you in 2018. 

Love and Hugs, 

I've had someone ask if I have a donation link so I'll post it here for anyone who wanted it (Since I'll be busy with post-op stuff I might not be able to answer, so there it is!)

Important Health Update

Sun Feb 18, 2018, 9:16 AM

So... some of you know, others do not but I'm going to give this update today because it's pretty important.
I've been in and out of the ER for the past few weeks, I went again yesterday after getting horrible pain after eating.
They did a CT scan on me and I have gallstones and require surgery to remove my gallbladder.
I'm not sure when this is going to be scheduled and what all will happen with it because nobody in my family has had theirs removed, I'll be the first.

But I wanted to give everyone a heads up.
The good news is that the gallstones haven't caused an infection and I'm taking antibiotics now to try to prevent said infection and I'm on a very restricted low fat diet. I'm doing alright for now, the likelihood of a flare up with a low fat diet should be relatively low, but if I do have one they've prescribed me pain medication in the case that it does happen.

I'll keep you all in the loop on any other updates as we get the surgery planned and how my recovery is going once it's done.

And like... if anyone has had their gallbladder removed... I could really use some advice and reassurance that I'm not going to die... so please feel free to message me if you have and are willing to share advice.

Commissioners, please note I'm still working though commissions, it's just been horrible slow. 
Between 40+ hours of work each week, several ER visits, and these almost constant pain flair ups I've been trying my best to keep pushing through. I hope you can all forgive me for this continued delay. Thank you for being patient with me still. 

Love and Hugs,

Merry Christmas!

Mon Dec 25, 2017, 6:34 AM

Just wanted to drop by and tell you all Merry Christmas. 
And if you don't celebrate then I hope you're having a wonderful winter so far! 

I had a friend ask me if I would ever sing a vore themed Christmas Carrol... I told them that if someone writes one for me or gives me good ideas then I'd be more then down. 
I know some of you guys like writing stuff, so if you write it... I will sing it XD 

So I have some very important updates for you guys.

(If you don't want to read everything just check the bullet points, those are what's most important.) 

Needless to say this holiday season has shown itself to be quite a roller coaster this year. The holidays were kicked off with yet another moving session followed by quite literally everything exploding in my face. 
Paying bills the past 2 months have been incredibly hard because income hasn't been very good. 
My boyfriend ended up being out of work for almost 2 weeks in the end of November when it should have only taken about 3 days to get back into work. Our car situation became... well... we didn't have a car so once he was back to work we had to pay bus fare for him until we were able to get that fixed (Which may I add is quite expensive if you don't get monthly passes... which are rather expensive themselves...) 
And of course to top that all off Patreon decided to screw over their creators. I know a lot of people have lost far too many patrons due to that. I myself lost over half of my support thanks to Patreon's attempt to change things, they may have fixed the issue and retracted their proposal but the damages are already done... 

The bright side of things is the reason I've been so quite recently. 
I was offered a job at the local university and have decided to take it. Since the beginning of the month I have been doing tons of stuff to get into this job. They've had several tests and a butt-ton of paperwork for me to fill out and I will finally be starting my first day tomorrow. 
The job is full time and will give me a chance to live rather comfortably for the first time in several years. 
I won't lie, I do still love drawing and loved the past 2 years being self employed as I've gotten to create so much awesome stuff. But at the same time it's been a huge struggle. I honestly only have myself to blame since I let my list get backed up to a point where it should have never gotten in the first place. But when it rains it pours and at the time I didn't see any other options than taking more commissions to help myself stay afloat financially. 
Now that I won't be forced to take more artwork when something goes wrong as I will be able to put away funds for emergencies, it will be a lot easier for me to get through what is already infront of me instead of steadily piling more and more onto an already full plate. 

Now before everyone starts freaking out, I do not plan to stop drawing and I will still be working on commissions after work most days and on my days off. Art is still something I love and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. However this new job is going to affect a few things for a little while. 

As of right now these are the changes that will be made: 

  • Commissions will be completely closed. I used to take some commissions for friends and such although my status had been closed in the past. I will no longer be doing this until further notice. 
    I will only be working on commissions I've already taken and finishing off stream time that has already been purchased or awarded via Patreon Rewards. 
    So until further notice Commission Slots or Personal Stream Time Slots will no longer be open to anyone. 
  • Patreon is going to continue to get WIP, HD, and PSD files. However, until further notice there will not be any Patreon Exclusive content (Adventure of Rose and Co. or Patreon Poll Drawings). I am doing this so that I may catch up on what I currently have on my plate. For the Patrons who stick around during this time, I can promise you I'll make this up to you going forward :D
  • Patreon Tiers now only go to $25. So all other tiers above the $25 pledge mark have been unpublished until further notice and will likely be reworked if/when they come back. 
  • In fact, my Patreon as a whole is going to be reworked upon me completing my current workload. I will be removing certain tiers, reworking those that I keep, and the Goals will likely get a full revamp as well. I've been wanting to do this for some time and I suppose, since Patreon's scare purged me of several supporters and my new job allowing me to no longer live off my art, 2018 will be a better time than any. Of course current Patrons will be notified of these changes before they happen! And of course I will be asking you all for suggestions in the future! So no worries! 

These are the only major changes I can think of at the moment. If there are any others I'll make updates as needed (Been doing too much paperwork today... hard to think of everything I had to say)

But anywho, I'm pretty aware that some people are going to be bummed by this news because they want me to keep doing as I have been, unfortunately it's just not ideal in my current situation. 
There are a lot of really good things about being a full time artist and I assure you I will miss them. But there's also some bad stuff as well. 

Near the end of the summer this year a lot of things happened. A lot of really bad things that led to changes that are proving to be really good and I'm finally working toward a brighter tomorrow for myself. 
The most important thing I realized is that I am in desperate need of financial stability. 
I started working toward finding a job that would help me do that and I'm thankful to have found it. 
Over the past 2 years I wish I could say that art gave me the financial stability I needed. And of course it probably would have if it weren't for the combination of life events and my own poor management skills brought on by a poor mental state. 
I made a lot of mistakes over the past 2 years but I'm happy that I've learned from them and am going to move forward. 

And of course I hope you guys will understand why this change is necessary and can forgive me for slowing down with art these past few months. I hope you all will be proud of me and continue to support me in my future endeavors. 

For those of you who may be upset about this, I'm sorry you are upset, but I have to better my situation. I've gone far too long struggling to just maintain my existence having little to no wiggle room to improve my situation, I don't want to have to struggle and stress out anymore. 
Like I said, there are a lot of good things about being a full time artist, but theres also bad things as well and well... the bad things are currently outweighing the good due to shit decisions on my part. In the future I know I will be better and not make the choices I made in the past. 

And for those of you who worry about me returning to the workplace, I assure you this arrangement is quite different than those I've had before. I am going to be working with the same small team at all times, I won't be dealing with people outside my building (ex. Customers). My job is going to be constant and is guaranteed full time with weekends and major holidays off (which is more than I could ask for). 
This is the type of arrangement I've been looking for. Problems with previous work situations have been the amount of uncertainty I had to deal with. Will I get 40 hours this week? Will I be working the same days I did last week? Will there be a customer that will give me a lot of trouble? Will the 3 new employees show up to work or will we have to be short staffed again? 
These were all things I stressed out about and it essentially led me to being super unhappy. 
Thankfully this job has that wonderful consistency I've always wanted as well as a very kind team and management (seriously... my bus pass doesn't come in until a week after I start work so my manager is giving me his bus pass to use until then.) 
And of course I've already worked the job a bit so there are no surprises (they had me give each station a little test run during my interview so I could see if it was something I'd be interested in... Needless to say, it is.)

But anyway, I'll stop rambling and get back to my paperwork and organizing everything for tomorrow. 

I hope the holidays are going really well for you guys and that you are all happy ^^ 

Love and hugs, 

Wishlist Meme 2017

Fri Dec 1, 2017, 2:45 PM

It's that time of year again! I really loved doing this last year and seeing all the friends that I could get to join in!
I want to do it again this year and try to get even more people involved!
Of course, just like last year, nobody has to feel forced to do anything on this list, this is just a fun little thing to get us in the holiday mood! 
So feel free to join in and pester your friends to join too! 

• Make a post to your journal. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV"). The important thing is to make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
• If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) can get in touch with you. Your home address is not required!
• Make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your journal, or link to this post (it'll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.
• Surf around your friend's list (or friend's friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now, here's the important part...
• If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes one person's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use - or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free - do it.
• You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf - to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not - it's your call. There are no guarantees with this project, and no strings attached. Just... wish, and it might come true. Give and you might receive. You'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

🌟 Rose's 2017 Holiday Wishlist 🌟
Note : I'm doing this because I like doing these little meme things, I'm not actually expecting to receive anythingSweating a little...

1. Just like last year, LOTS of hugs! Hugs and kind words make me super happy even if the hugs are virtual.

2. Donate to your local pet shelter! Donate whatever you can, most places prefer cash donations but you can also call your local shelter and see if they are in need of anything. Most of the time they'll be super happy to receive things like old blankets, heating pads, food bowls, leashes, collars, food, etc! I'm sure they will greatly appreciate it. After spending this year volunteering and fostering kittens for my local shelter, I can honestly say it makes you feel like a hero. Unfortunately I'm now in an apartment where I can no longer foster and just said goodbye to my last litter a few weeks ago. But you can bet I'll be fostering again in the future!
If you can't donate money, donate time! Go spend 30 minutes or so up at your local shelter just walking and playing with the dogs, or sitting in a room playing with the cats. The more socialized these guys are the better chance they'll have to go to a wonderful home someday! (And... you know... take pictures of the pets you help and post them to your facebook or something... get the word out!)
TL;DR Donate money, stuff, or your time to a local pet shelter!

3. Fan art of my characters. I love seeing them drawn or wrote about by others. I love seeing them interacting with different characters. It makes me happy to see them getting love. I still have a Fan Art section on my website where I'm collecting all fan art to display!

4. Anything involving Archer EMIYA from Fate. He's my husbando and I love him XD

5. More giant sweatshirts. Just like last year, I still have an obsession with them. I have like 3... but that's not enough... there will never be enough!

6. Fuzzy blankets, socks, pajama pants. Still a fuzzy hoarder... It will never end!

7. A 2DS XL. Unfortunately mine is really getting ready to kick the bucket on me. I still haven't beaten Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon... I play it for a little before I pass out at night and I'll be pretty upset if I can't beat them before my DS actually kills itself without a replacement :/

8. Items from my Amazon. Last year my friend taught me how to set it up for friends to order gifts straight from the list so I don't have to display my address to the whole world.

9. (This one is for one of my wonderful friends) A Hooters Uniform. I already have a shirt, I just need the shorts, tights, and trainers. I know it's a long shot, but boy would it make my friend's year XD

10. A great 2018 for us all. I'm not sure about you guys, but 2017 was another rough year. Probably the roughest I've seen so far. I just hope it wasn't too bad for you all and of course I wish that 2018 will be great for us all. I know plenty of people could use a break from stress and rough times, and I genuinely hope you all find it next year. Stay strong my dears, we'll make it through.

🌟 Other Wishlists To Check :

If you do this meme then send me a link to yours and link my wishlist in your meme and I'll link you in mine ^^ Sharing is caring afterall!
(PS. The earlier you finish yours, the better chance you have of me being able to grant one of your wishes if it's in my powers ;D)


Fri Dec 1, 2017, 11:04 AM

Hey there everyone! 

After the Halloween Themed Commissions I realized that sort of stuff was actually a load of fun! 

For those of you who don't know me Halloween and Christmas are my 2 favorite holidays. There's something about seeing houses decorated and people dressing up (both in costumes or winter holiday themed clothes) that just makes me want to explode with happy.



I will only take Winter Holiday commissions. So your commission MUST have something Winter themed.
This can be Snow, Santa, Candy Canes, Presents, Christmas Trees, Winter Attire, Mythical Winter Beings, or even Christmas Dinner. 
As long as it has something to do with Winter Holidays or Winter then it will pass. 

Each commission is limited to 2 Visually Present Characters MAX (If someone has a belly stuffed with people only viewed from the outside, that is fine) This will keep the commission from being overwhelming so that I can guarantee a speedy turnaround time for these guys.

Each commission will be limited to a Single Scene as well for the same reason mentioned above.

I will have a very limited amount of commissions so that I can finish these before Christmas. I know I said that with the Halloween Commissions, but I severely underestimated the amount of work that went into moving as well as recently became an aunt to a sweet little girl. I got side tracked with her squishy adorableness... So I'm sorry for the delay on the last 2, I need to build up a tolerance to adorable. 






If you are interested my Commission Application can be found here:…

And prices can be found here: 
(Note the prices listed do not have discounts added to them, you'll need to do the math yourself if you're curious before inquiring about commissions) 


I hope you all are having a great holiday season so far and I hope that you will continue to do so. 
I have been doing... Well... I'm trying my best with the shitty hands I keep being dealt, but what can you do? 
I still have wonderful friends and family both online and off that make me very happy and keep me going. That's all I could ask for during this holiday season. I'll continue to enjoy the people I love, that's what the holidays are about right? 

Love and hugs, 

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Art Thief

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 22, 2017, 8:33 PM

It has been brought to my attention that several works of my friend Ashley_Urikoshima as well as a work of my own has been stolen by :iconwatcher5876:

They state they are too lazy to credit... which is dumb.

All of the pieces stolen from me and Ashley involve Rose. 
There are more in their gallery that they aren't posting credit for.

Please let fellow artists know if their work is in this person's gallery since they have stolen several pieces from other people too.

And once again I will repeat for everyone. Please don't steal art especially if you refuse to give credit. 
You may not think what you're doing is harmful but some artists rely on people getting traffic to their work with their name on it so they can be hired for work.
So please, if you love the art work we all make for you, don't repost ESPECIALLY if you won't credit.
Otherwise you chance losing your favorite artists. 

Please think before you repost! 

Stay safe my friends and much love to you all! 
And of course a very Happy Turkey Day to all my friends! 

Love and Hugs, 

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Commission Sale Update

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 25, 2017, 10:15 PM

Hey there, 

Just updating everyone that slots for Halloween Discount Commissions are now closed!

I am however still have 3 more slots available for other commissions.
I've decided to add a few more things to the list of things for discounts, since I've been feeling like drawing them recently.

New additions getting 15% Off Total!
~Anal Vore

These are the others that were on the previous list still available for 15% Off Total.
~ My Girls (Rose, Thorn, Kassie) 
~ Tentacles
~ Fate Characters
~ LoZ: Breath of the Wild Characters
~ Snake Vore
~ Bondage
~ Tail Vore
~ Sex Scenes (Vaginal, Anal, Strap-ons, and Futa Included) 
~ Micro Characters interacting with Large Surroundings (Not Vore related, just micro/tiny adventures) 
~ Lamia/Naga Vore

Of course these still stack with Patreon, so if you're a Patron who gets a discount, this will stack with that. 

If you would like a commission please fill out an application here:…

I'm adding more to the list and taking 3 more as I realized my personal food stash is low. My aunt has been buying the food and having me cook it so I haven't had to worry about that. But once I move I'll have to buy my own food again, the boyfriend's stash is also low (otherwise I'd mooch off him XD)
I want to get a little extra money that way hopefully I won't have to just eat Ramen, even though it is delicious, it's not exactly good for the health to live off just Ramen... No matter how much I wish it were okay...

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Discount Emergency Commissions and Update

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 7:57 AM

Hey there everyone!


So I wanted to update you guys a bit. So I got all my stuff moved to my aunt's house (with the exception of a few things my dad's girlfriend cherry picked and stole from me... but that's being dealt with)
But since I've been here things have been rather difficult.

Firstly I'd like to address that my aunt and I get along swell, she's very sweet and I love her. However... I've been unable to do much of anything because I've kind of become her house wife.
My aunt is a very capable woman, but she's rather lazy and sloppy.
I'm sure I've expressed to some of you the mess that was this house before I came in and cleaned it up and of course she's been making no effort to help me keep it cleaned.
Essentially I'm the constant caretaker here. Between caring for myself, my foster kittens, and the times I have to go help my sister with her wedding ordeals and seeing my little brother once every other week I also have to take care of my aunt.
I cook every meal for her (which as some of you know can be pretty time consuming depending on the meal), I clean up after her constantly, I take care of her cat (which isn't too hard, but it's still another thing I need to take time out to do), I go shopping for/with her, I do all the yard work (which there is quite a bit of, especially since her brother is anal and requires I do everything a VERY specific way otherwise he calls and complains because he has the next door neighbors keep an eye on our upkeep of the outside...)
Living here has essentially become a full time job of its own. One that I'm not being paid for which is even more annoying because I can't get work done as quickly as I have in the past.
The other reason I'm moving is because my uncle has been pushing for me to get another job if I plan to live here, to the point of calling me every few days to annoy me about the matter, which... since I can't work because I'm playing housewife here, it looks like to him I'm just being worthless thanks to a butt-ton of lies my dad told him. But that's a whole other case of worms I don't feel like getting into because it annoys me.

Thankfully there's a bright side and saving grace in all of this.
My boyfriend has noticed me being rather stressed out about all this and asked me if I would like to move in with him. I've already talked to him about how much I actually like to work when I'm not playing house wife and he's fine with leaving me be after I first move in so I can fly through my commissions like I was prior to the move. Thankfully he's capable and does take care of himself and won't need to rely on me to clean up after him.
So we've cleared this with his land lord and I'm able to move in at my earliest convenience.

Of course this means needing to gather funds to move again and to turn on internet at his place. Before anyone says anything, I know... How the actual fuck do you live without an internet connection at your home? Everyone has internet! He has a large amount of data on his phone but like... that's a phone... You know what, I'll spare you all of my "why the fuck you have no internet?" rant that I gave him XD

Anyway, I know it's probably not a very great idea for me to pile more work on my head at this point, but for the sake of me having a freaking chance to get moved somewhere that I don't have to play housewife and can actually work, I don't really have a choice.
My boyfriend is going to help me as much as he can with the move, but I still have to get the internet turned on there and will likely need to rent another truck to get moved again. (Thankfully I have people to kidnap and force into helping me move this time. BUWAHAHA!)


For the next few days I'll be opening commissions again and having a sale on very specific themes, which I will list below.

ANYTHING HALLOWEEN RELATED WILL GET 20% OFF THE FULL COMMISSION! Because Halloween is awesome, that's why.
I'll also be working my hardest to get any Halloween stuff finished before the month is up, with that being said, I ask that anything Halloween related be limited to a Single Scene for this reason.
There will be a limited number of Halloween slots open though so once those are gone they're gone! 

Themes Available for 15% Discount (This will not stack with the Halloween Discount):
~ My Girls (Rose, Thorn, Kassie) 
~ Tentacles
~ Fate Characters
~ LoZ: Breath of the Wild Characters
~ Snake Vore
~ Bondage
~ Tail Vore
~Anal Vore
~ Sex Scenes (Vaginal, Anal, Strap-ons, and Futa Included) 
~ Micro Characters interacting with Large Surroundings (Not Vore related, just micro/tiny adventures) 
~ Lamia/Naga Vore


If you are interested in helping me out my Commission Application can be found here:…

And prices can be found here:…
(Note the prices listed do not have discounts added to them, you'll need to do the math yourself if you're curious before inquiring about commissions)

If you're not able to help it's completely alright! Your love and emotional support still means the world to me and I thank each and every one of you who contact me often to see how things are going. You guys are awesome ^^

Anyway, here's to hoping this will actually be the last time I have to move for a little... Because I really REALLY hate moving at this point... Let's all just keep our fingers crossed this will be the last time for a while and that I will finally get some peace to do my work and start bettering myself again.

Love and hugs,

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Rose's Eye Patch

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 16, 2017, 12:28 AM

So I have quite a few people asking "So why does Rose have an eye patch now?"

Rose wears the eye patch to hide the fact that the whites of her eye are turning black due to Thorn's corruption. 

Rose and Thorn have *ahem* relations... And since Thorn is a succubus usually she would drain the souls of those she is sleeps with, Rose is no different. Her hair has started to grey in the front and her eye has started to change.

Rose doesn't have any adverse aging effects though. Rose and Thorn can't explain why Rose isn't aging rapidly or anything of that sort, but Rose has a theory that it is due to her eating people and absorbing their essence.

Any pictures where Rose isn't wearing and eye patch and has a normal eye nowadays can be explained as Thorn uses her magic to keep Rose's eye looking normal. Of course pictures of Rose with 2 eyes are no longer going to be a thing, as the eye patch is going to be on her always from here on out, and when it's not her eye will be corrupted as that's how I've decided to do things.

Anyway, there's your reasoning behind it lore wise.

Why I decided to do this though is a completely different story. About a year ago I had my right eye swell shut for what seemed like no apparent reason and ended up with an eye patch for a little while.
I thought I looked so bad ass in it so I was like "fuck it! Rose wears and eye patch now!" 
You know... because Rose is modeled very closely after myself.
Of course I didn't always include the eye patch in my art because I was still a little on the edge about it. But now I'm certain I want it to be a permanent fixture on Rose, so yeah! 

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Help Cakehoarder!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 3, 2017, 9:52 PM

<da:thumb id="707843884"/>

Hey guys!
As some of you probably know one of my fellow artists is in trouble and needs help getting a new tablet since theirs died! If you can help Cake out it would be super awesome of you!

I know how it is to have a tablet crap out on you and needing help replacing it so I hope you'll be able to raise what you need Cakehoarder 

Thank you guys for checking this out and stay awesome! 

Love and hugs,

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Shout Out for a Friend

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 3, 2017, 1:43 PM

Hey guys! Doing a shout out for a friend.
Dragoonprince just recently started taking story commissions. I can confirm their writing is quality (as they've written me some smut before to tease me XD) Anyway if you're looking for good and reasonably priced story commissions Dragoon is your guy!…

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