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NeverEnding Story Redesign // Falkor

I had fun redesigning the NeverEnding Story characters. I tried a more
mature, dark and gritty approach. My main reference was mostly the first
film and the wikipedia page (I never read the book).

Falkor the luck dragon.
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I absolutely love this entire piece up until the tip of the nose. Even so the work is stunningly gorgeous. 
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Beautiful!!! i like this concept... I jus't don't undertand why in the movie they change the name of the dragon. I think the original name it's more interesting. FUJUR
I really love your design and i think it could work, even if you only take as a reference the movie, i think looks more dragon-lionish like in the book. LOVE IT!!!
jhroberts's avatar
Im digging most of your redesigns except this one, I think he should be more friendly looking
The Empress no,but this lucky dragon is perfect!!!nice work!!!
Guyverman's avatar
What's with the muzzle?
Gyaldhart's avatar
I am loving your designs! (The Never Ending Story is one of the most important movies of my childhood)

Can I post them in my FB fan page Into the Lifestream?…

I would credit you of course and will post the link to your DA account! :D
Vorace-Art's avatar
Hi Gyaldhart ! Thanks ! Sorry for the late reply. You can share it on facebook via my personnal gallery at :…
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Thank you! I will!
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muito bom e um dos filmes que gosto e odeio a mesmo tempo Clap 
Vorace-Art's avatar
Yeah, same thing, especially when you rewatch it : the special effects aged badly but the story is still awesome.
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I'm loving these.  I watched the movie several times as a kid and more recently read the book.  It's wonderful to see these characters reimagined, and in such a nice style as yours.  Keep up the good work.
Vorace-Art's avatar
Thanks ! I rewatched it while drawing them :D
e-pona's avatar
You're welcome!  Haha a nice excuse to do so :D
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Why are you making these look so :iconbadassplz:? WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?! :iconover9000plz:
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Actually, Falcor's dog-like appearance in the movie was changed from the novel the movie was adapted from, in that his appearance was more Lion-like, hears a pic I found of the cover of the book with Falcor it:…
Vorace-Art's avatar
Thanks for the info, I didn't knew it! As I said, I tried to keep the movie as the main ref.
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Ooo. I kiss it. <3
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