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NeverEnding Story Redesign // Empress

I had fun redesigning the NeverEnding Story characters. I tried a more
mature, dark and gritty approach. My main reference was mostly the first
film and the wikipedia page (I never read the book).

The Empress. Less whiny, more classy.
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read the book! it is plenty dark and gritty
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Please be the director for the next time the film is produced
Its fantastic! I love how dark your work is somehow without loosing the varity
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She looks phenomenal, she's how an empress should look, she looks like one who would govern a world made of hope and dreams, all the while still looking child-like. You've imagined her beautifully~
Real Childlike Empress have long silver hair (very similar at Tami Stronach of wonderfull original movie) ...sorry but in this picture not so real :(
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I watched the movie and read the book. The Empress has a great importance, even there is not much scenes with her. To me, she is the heart of imagination. So It's impossible not to be fascinated by the concept you created for her. It's magical, as it should be. Excellent job!
Do you have a way for someone to order prints?
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Unfortunately not :(
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wow!!  lets make this into a film!

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Haha, I love to re-design old nostalgia stuff but I usually hate movie reboot ;)
que genial, falta la mala
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This is wicked :) Well done!
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