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NeverEnding Story Redesign // Atreyu - Artax

By Vorace-Art
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I had fun redesigning the NeverEnding Story characters. I tried a more
mature, dark and gritty approach. My main reference was mostly the first
film and the wikipedia page (I never read the book).

Green paint is a reference to Greenskins (Atreyu's race in the book)
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Atreyu looks older here.
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Cool Atreyu *-* very hot
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I get a Dark Souls vibe out of this, fantastic
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You are a true artist!  I've watched all 3 movies and both series!  Atreyu and Artax do make a great team!  An amazing image of a woodland boy and his trusty stallion! Clap
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Is amazing!!! *o* 
Yeah, the green skin would have been too much! XD I like the green paint, btw! I do think he would have look a little better with darker skin and maybe black hair, since the Greenskin were based on Native Americans
Other than that, the draw is epic!!! As true fan of TNES since I was a child, I'm love with your art! This one and the others characters! Would be soo epic if an animated TNES movie could come from your arts! *-* Please, do more!!! <3
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I agree with :iconcelticbotan:

Congratulations for the Job!
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The only thing I have to say is that I think Atreyu should have a darker sin / more Native American features, for that's what he essentially looks like, but with the green skin in the books.

Other than that, this is AWESOME, as a huge fan of the book, it's  great seeing great art like this! :heart:
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Thanks !! Yeah I tried to reference the greenskin feature with the green warpaints ! I felt that real green skin would look a bit too childlish.
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Great work!
I really like the tattoos :)

btw: how sad was it when that horse drowned in he swamps? T_T
Vorace-Art's avatar
Thanks ! Definitively one of the saddest movie scene ever !
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win win win win win win......

Great image, fantastic interpretation! Brings back many childhood memories! 
Vorace-Art's avatar
Thanks, that was the objectivel !
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Thanks, I appreciate !
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i love that movie!
nice redesign. :) 
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As a big fan of both the book and the first movie, I must say I really love this! Think you've captured the feeling of the characters really well.. Awesome designs!
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