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Okami - Trading Some Art

Random picture about Issun and Amaterasu, having some vacation from demon hunting and trading art at Ryoshima Coast :) I wanted to draw something not_so_serious about these two...

5h | Photoshop CS3
Art by *Grypwolf
Amaterasu and Issun (okami) by Clover Studios
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Lady-Midor-I's avatar
I love Ammy's face! XD

Also, nice job on it! :D
budderbean05's avatar
I love your art it's so cool (I have to teach my dog to paint XD)
Agent36496's avatar
Ammy looks cute ^^
warriorsSpottedfur's avatar
hehehehehehe, typical Issun. ALways going after the "babes" that little artist.:lol: rvmp 
Anime-girl-2013's avatar
This is AMAZING I've seen you're work in Youtube Videos and have ALWAYS loved it! I didn't know who the artist was, but I'm glad that I decided to check it out!
ShishiNoSeirei's avatar
GOtta love Ammys grin here XD
LightningDraco's avatar
Gender switch! XD
Username-91's avatar
Wonderful work. Love it.
x-SWC-x's avatar
Your art has been stolen: [link]
Vooron's avatar
Hmmm. Thanks for the info.
x-SWC-x's avatar
No problem. They stole from a friend of mine so I thought I would try and find the originals to a few more of their stolen pieces.
MysticDragon21's avatar
Ammy looks so pleased. XD
RosyRose1's avatar
it's really cool wath you make =3
okami is a girl if somebody don't know =P
Vooron's avatar
yeah amaterasu is girl but does it really matter if someone call it "him" since in the came she does some maleish things XD
RosyRose1's avatar
your welcome =3
yeah in the beginin i diden't know dat okami/amaterasu was a girl O.O i was really suprsist XD you right it doesent matter ps sorry for my bad eng =(
Vooron's avatar
no your english is just fine. I can read and understand it ^^ <3
Oh YOU didin't know O_o
RosyRose1's avatar
thank you =3
yeah in the begining XD
blue-shadow24's avatar
Very well done! haven't played Okami (mostly cause I can never find or afford it! Xo ) but you did very well drawing her.... or him...?
tailblaze's avatar
looks very cute
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