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" I gambled and I won."
Crystal dragons --- R.I.P Hand. Started this in livestream two days ago and finished now. ( not really anything Christmas-y) Neutron is handsome birthday dragon tho. ;; He really is. There he is doing what ever light dragons do.
Anyhow. I had awesome Christmas. Good food. Family, LOTS OF SNOW and some gifts even! :heart: Everything I needed.

What about your Christmas?

</span>Art © Grypwolf 2014
Skydancers © :iconflightrising:
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Tools #

>Paint Tool SAI
>Wacom Intuos 4 medium - tablet

Tutorials & stuff #

>Fire tutorial 
>Fire Tips | 1 | 2 | 
>Painted fur step by step || Cel shaded fur step by step
shading tutorial
Lineart tutorial
Paint Tool SAI brush settings | 1 | 2 |
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I am just looking through your gallery and then I see this and think o wow pretty awesome dragon *examines it closer* looks like a skydancer ... finally I read description and see that it really IS a SD :'D haha everyone on FR these days <3 spread the dragonlove
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Yeah not in FR anymore tho. That place is fun only short amount of time :(
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I guess.. I ve been there since launch day tho..guess I'm an addict xD
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imgoing through your art and seeing alot of FR, now i pawndering what you lair looks like o0o
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ahhh its lovely!
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Woahhhh~ This looks so friggin majestic! I love how you did the glowing ring behind and how you made parts of the wings semi-transparent!
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love the light and dark contrasts!
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Oh my ... You drew very cleverly diamond dragon ;v; Damn it , it 's beautiful.
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Whoa, this is very beautiful and awesome!
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Wow this is so beautiful :heart:
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When I first saw this my eye got caught on that thin line. My first thought was that the dragon was caught on a fishing hook by the nose...
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I has been wondering when someone says this. Thanks!
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Awesomely epic dragon! (And you had snow?! So jealous..... We had heat, and sun.... Until it started to rain.)
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Everytime you upload something new, my mind is blown. Yet another amazing piece. you must teach me your ways! Lol
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I love how shiny and badass he looks c:<
and omg look at that neck, so freakin' awesome!
this makes me want to draw dragons..
need to study lizard anatomy ahah
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Love the pose of his hands and neck, and how the black markings on his body contrasts with the feathers and scales.
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damn Gry, this is pure awesomeness ;w;

Love all the details, yeah I love details a lot <3
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