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Nameless - Last golden days

I have been working on with Nameless ( graphic novel (c) me) lately and that is because I have to finish first chapter before christmas. Oh and there is only just a few who knows that I am working with comic because I have been keeping quite low profile about it.

Nameless is fantasy comic, so there will be lots and lots of dragons AND Gryphons... Mostly gryphons because the main characters are gryphon... but yeah.

I designed this as a back cover of the first book. thought it may change abit...
Image contains two golden dragon from Nameless. Flying dragon is older and he has no stripes ( in comic Golden dragons are white from the birth and they will become darker in color when they grow.). Younger striped dragon on the ground is female.

ART (c) :icongrypwolf:

Please! Do not copy, alter, Distribude or use any other ways as your own!
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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I like the way you did his wings! Reminds me of the Banshees from Avatar. Really cool dragons.
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I love this dragons they are amazing!!!
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This is so pretty ^_^
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you're welcome ^_^
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They're so beautiful! I love your drawing.
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Good luck on your comic BRO! 8)
this looks awesome.
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Beautifull artwork !
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aww thank you ^_^
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You're welcome ^^
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Nice,so lovely.
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