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Makeshift Bed

In the list of all the things that nearly have killed me, Grys tail ranks within top 5.
omg thanks so much for all the notes and comments people >8( you are amazing. I will read and go through everything and try to reply as well as I can

Art and Gry © GryAdventures /Grypwolf 
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I think this is by far my favorite pic until now, Gry. <3 :heart: Awesome!
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Adorably beautiful!
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nice work here
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Oh wow I love the color choices and the main drawing of course, now that’s true beauty!
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this is cute! Amazing drawing and detail!
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That. is. incredible! What do you use to make these? I just started, and I can't find something to use.
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This is truly an amazing piece of art.
Could we maybe see the step by step ? It must have taken you so many hours to complete ... Incredible drawing, congratulations, I stood there for like 10 minutes admiring it !
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So sweet and fluffy x)
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That tail is fabulous.
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You know you still keep blasting me with this piece?
I doubt I'll ever get tired of looking at this.
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Holy moly. speechless
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Love your art style:)
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Good god! O_O This is so damn amazing.
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I noticed your paw style seems to have changed a bit ;u;! Oh they are so cute.
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Style is ever changing o/
Heart Thanks so muchHeart
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Very true! No problem hon.
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Damn it Gryp! You and your freaking... GOOD ART...

gry's tail is my life
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Fluffy tails for life!
Thanks <3
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