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Minotaur chapter marines push back against intense fire. 
Made to illustrate War for Badab series on YouTube.

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I like how you show the newest Mark X armour next to the older one used by firstborn marines, really catches the transitional feel within the Indomitus Crusade. (I'm still new to 40k, so if I get lore wrong I'm very sorry)

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Haha glad you like it. Cheers

TheSilentShane's avatar

My favorite Space Marines! Love your take on Moloc, in particular.

What a magnificent sight, the spartan of the far far futur.

well done!

VookaSheen's avatar

My pleasure 👍

Hah, the Minotaurs ! One of the most brutal astartes chapter around...

Really nice art, BTW.

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Thank you mate, cheers :)

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increible trabajo, es asombroso

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Amazing work, really adds flavour to Arch's colourful word pallet.

Stargazzer811's avatar

While I am not entirely a fan of the Minotaur's, nothing beats a perfectly formed shield wall.

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Those battle brothers can really Hold the Line.

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I wonder what they do when the enemy goes 'Eh' and drops heavy ordnance on the slow moving, tightly packed infantry formations

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