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Idee fixe

By voogee
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It's all in my head...
(All textures, photos, etc. are mine...)
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Hi ! I am actually an art student doing my major exams this year and I am researching about artists and their artwork. I came across your artwork and was reallllyy amazed by it ! Do you mind sharing with me the meaning behind your artwork and what inspired you to draw this ?

I look forward to your reply ! 😊
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znakomita praca
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Dziękuję - bardzo mi miło :)
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Cała przyjemność po mojej stronie
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PS. Akurat na moim biurku siedzi mój pluszowy IDEFIX (z "Asterixa"). Aż się uśmiechnęłam jak zobaczyłam ten tytuł w Twojej galerii. ;)
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Miło mi, że się podoba :) Dziękuję bardzo i za komentarz i za uśmiech :)
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Nie ma za co. :) Twoje prace są naprawdę niesamowite!
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No to teraz jeszcze bardziej mi miło :) Dziękuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie :)
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Really great! My colleague found your work several month ago, because we use this "headshoot" gesture very often during our work... :-) The feeling is the same, but we do it with our left hands. :-) Currently a small copy of your picture besides on our bulletin board. :-) Congratulations, and thank you!
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Really? Haha... that sounds funny :) I'm happy you have my picture on your board :) Thank you too! Have a nice day!
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Awesome work!! :love:
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I love this, for some reason it reflects the way I'm feeling at the moment! How strange:) very inspiring thank you!😊
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I am glad to hear that :) Thank you for your comment :)
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Lol, it is wonderfully eerie. Beautiful work.
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Very effective: sets off a whole bunch of questions that remain suspended...
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This amazing artwork was featured here: [link]
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wow, very nice
first time i saw surreal piece that crack me up, good job! i suspect it's funny 4me cause i can't understand it ;)
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