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Fate And Its Inevitable Consequences by hakanphotography

© 2012 Akif Hakan Celebi
Hong Kong
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Hi everyone I'm having a terrible time coming up with a thesis topic.
I need to have a client / product with a major issue that I can potentially kick start again.
It has to be real and not something fake.

Thank you

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Ok so next year is my last year in Uni. thesis and all that wonderful creamy stuff.

I want to add ppl onto my skype and gmail account because I find talking to you guys
will help me out with ideas and concepts.
please leave me your add here and we can get chatting :)
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loving it!!!! its brilliant so much work put into it!
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cant believe how fast time flys but ish happy :)
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its been a while.
but I'm really happy with life right now.
Both emotional and physical.
Working hard in my third year of University
taking an expansion course in film photography and I love everything about it.
Never knew Copy Writing was so difficult but really fulfilling at the same time.
Family is finally going to split
Two years since I moved into my own apartment thank you mom and dad for paying
I'm just really happy.

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2008, 1:25 PM
um, hi
does anyone know the name of this song.
I know it is around 1999-2000 if I am not wrong.
There are two couples making out on the train track at the end.
The theme centers around love and they wear coats because it is winter, but there are no slow
the cinematography starts twirling around them as they kiss, both girl and boy is attractive like models.
yea =[  

Package - Beauty - 2 by resurgere

Huge thanks to :iconinsaneone: and :iconwroth: for asking me to contribute to dA stock account :iconresurgere:.

Im very flattered and really happy to help out dAs community. I hope I can help somehow. vectors and illustrations would be awesome. think outside the box artist and have fun :)

In case you wondered I'm an illustrator at heart. I draw!!!

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Some of you wondered what I study in Uni. I major in advertising and a minor in business management. I live in Toronto
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