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Published: April 5, 2004
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I Drew MYself For The Very First Time lmfao



THIS ID RULES. :headbang: lmfao
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wow well at least ur honest bout #9 <3
paintboy88's avatar
XD awsome. i like

1 music
4 sleeping
5 money
10 food
12 tatoos
16 gasmaks (fav)
ambreid's avatar
I can't believe you're 15! You have the style of very experienced artists so early!
jabberwok's avatar
most excelent dev ID! you manage to cram a whole bunch of interesting things about yourself, and into a really neato picture that would stand alone as wunderfull even if you hadnt writen a word on it ^_^

~ i particularily like the apearance of No.25 (moths) in the actual picture itself. It's the things like that in your art that i think i pay too much attention to, but i think thats partly what makes it special. little secret semi-humours.

also. it makes me sad that poor icecreame truck isnt better than 36. but i supose all the things that didnt make it to your list are crying in comparison hehehe. i love the ice creme truck. i run out there everytime i hear that music! *glee* and i stand there and grin at the man, and realise that i in fact cant eat icecreme asit makes me horrendisly ill.~

on another note:
i like everything on your "dislikes list"
i love winter cos i love the snow.
i love not sleeping somtimes at night cos its quiet
i love the drug caffine, cos i love tea and coffie
i love working on art
i love skool cos i go to uni and choose what i do
and i love boys cos... some of my freinds are boys and i lurve each one :hug:

your eyes in this i think are the most expressive, like it was a photo you took just as you were trying to thin kif there was anythign else you should write.
i think your ID, and alot of your work is very narative, each one seems to capture a story, or more than one moment. very curious effect. >_> *shifty eyes* <_<
mean-drunk's avatar
mean-drunk Digital Artist
nice...oh and 9, 14(on women) and 18.Fuck the rest.
MISSCrazySEXYCool's avatar
Pretty good Idea!^^ You're a good drawer!!Don't stop. see ya!:begone:
Amaranthia's avatar
this is briliant!! I love the tiny paper :D
and you a super talented 15 year old.. your work reminds me of tim burton (whom I admire), only more femine (even better!!)

I will watch you and fav this. muah
cisya's avatar
a very cool id!! =D
puppet-soul's avatar
puppet-soulHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww lovely ^^ And this red...I love it ;)
Ektah's avatar
Ektah Digital Artist

Ektah's avatar
Ektah Digital Artist
i mean younger**
DavidR-XV's avatar
DavidR-XVProfessional General Artist
It's raining out side. . . .and the walls are like dark red.

I feel at home!



duh. I am at home. . . you get the point.
Shenlon's avatar
Jacky, you're beautiful. I love this picture so much!!!! Your hair's kick ass, that shirt's kick ass, YOU'RE KICK ASS!

Argh. would it be wrong if I suddenly got turned on by your pictures? They're totally..

Teach me how to draw. Please.
gargoyl3's avatar

:hump::hump::hump::hump: OMFG!!! Jacquie!! It's U!!! :hump::hump::hump::hump:

This pic is soooooooo cool!! U're so sexay!!! :horns: You soooo RULE!!!

I miss u baby, I'll be waiting 4u on the :couch:...

Hope to hear from you soon!!! :pee:

:lick: love ya' all over!!!

...Oh, and HUMPIE!! :jackdirt:
Elletop's avatar
i agree with "Basileus" It's nice style
avivi's avatar
37.me :?

love you ......
love your voodoo ....

neoncherrypanda's avatar
your works are beutiful i want to fav* them all
sarahmichele07's avatar
i love this id :) it does rock :headbang:
Theis's avatar
uhhhh! we like :D
Lodemaei's avatar
bouh:( i love winter... miss it so much... here it is only summer time and storms that causes constant floods... summer kills :lmao:
bubasti's avatar
Didn't you used to have VNV nation posted on the list o.= *peers*
Ohh gasmask, japan and tim burton, drama and lots more.... I like it.. THIIIIIIISSSS MUUUUUCHHHHHHHHHHH^___________________^
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