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Money can't buy you everything by VoodooBiatch Money can't buy you everything by VoodooBiatch
I didnít draw this just for fun, FULL VIEW

Money Can't buy you everything

For me, being in the dark is fucking scary, because as a child I was afraid of the dark and would always use my light night, and I still do sometimes, but as the lights flick on, I look around me and shadows would tower over my head and scare me even moreÖ the only thing that made me feel safe, was the toys and teddy bears beside me. They kept me company and I fall asleep fast. Sometimes, the light maybe very beautiful and powerful but friendship and companion is more then just a tiny light night, it stays in your heart.

If you had exactly $900, and had money to buy you everything like the $900 lamp for example, I wouldnít I would buy the cheap doll and make myself a friend. Share the Love and not the hate people. You can make a difference and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2004-07-26
Money can't buy you everything by *VoodooBiatch is proof that beauty and perfection are not mutually exclusive... ( Suggested by Myangelofmusic and Featured by ekud )
KinaFay Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was priceless to read. Thank you.
lewn-atic Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 Sometimes the littlest gifts are the most important to the heart.
This is such a touching piece. ^^
Myinca-Lu-Pinky Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
wonderful message! (:
crazyZuzz Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2009  Student Photographer
I love that description :D
I.m afraid of the dark too :D
I feel like someone wants to kill me or something :rofl:
It.s a little bit silly,i know :D
mynameisjade Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008   General Artist
you've been featured here: [link]
CarolynViolet Featured By Owner May 22, 2008   Photographer
I love the concept. You did a wonderful job at making her look sad. This is truely original, someting i relish seeing on this site.
Congratulations on all of these DD's. Shows that you are truely talented.
I wish i could draw like you!
Ssurrealistyczna Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
psycho. Amazing!
Chebi Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007
just wow,
you really have the talent.
dposeur Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006
i love your comment and not to mention your artpiece. :)

and the night light thing.. i was like that too.
merpus Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
like the story behind this, and the picture is exelent :)
threefx Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2005   Interface Designer
I like it... Nice colouring :) and the description is really effective. I'll give this a :+fav:
ambreid Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2005
Lovely, lovely. :+fav: for sure!
geobugi-goyangi Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2005
Your style is wonderful and I love the messege behind the picture. To me in the great debate in "is it art" lies only on the artist and if you put meaning into your work, then it's art, if not, it's just commercial. :)
mclaranium Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2005

Tip No. 1 - Don\'t be afraid, the monstes and ghosts use your own fear. iF you aren\'t afraid it makes the ghosts be frustrated.
LenoreShade Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2005  Student
Wow I just really love your style and choice of colors. It works so well together. Keep it up!
solarisdezine Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2004
i like alot :)
Princesinha Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
another sweet dancer!!! I think that the other works were more perfect but I think that you're dancer is lovely ;)
airbournevirus Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004  Professional General Artist
mmm 1 of the better 1's you've drawn in my opionion ^.^ not to mention that message is still hitting strong
lucias-tears Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004   Photographer
iv always loved this image :)
solarisdezine Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2004
I love good work with powerfull messages :)
buddleja Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004 is so beautiful!
x-design Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2004   Interface Designer
wow, realy nice, like you'r style :)
skeletonking Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2004
Pinionist Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2004
I just love all those colours, they're amazing.
blastedgoose Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love the style! its like one of those nightmare b4 christmas things. very a-series-of-unfortunate-events-ish. do u read those books? if not, then u shud, cuz its nice and the drawings look like urs. :)
Horus-Goddess Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never knew that anyone else would feel the way I do because sometimes I'm afraid of the dark as well. :hug: Thank you for your wonderful message to us all, I feel the same you do. I'll never understand what drives people to be rude to others. Perhaps a lack of happiness. So perhaps they are who really need the love. :) So yes, indeed spread the love. And the happy teddy bears and stuffed animals.

Lovely piece too. ^_^ Sorry about my delay in commenting on that. X3 I have to say I adore the colors you chose. A simple image, but beautiful all the same. And when there's a particular meaning behind a piece, that piece is all the more magnificant. Lovely job all around, and congrats on your getting the Daily Deviation! :heart:

surfer-girl Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004
:eyepopping:amazingconcept, it was actually the title that got my attention, because i agree very much that money cant buy you everything, and i think you've expressed that very well through your picture and your comment.
very nice colours used, with great detail. i like how the light from the lamp just lights up a little bit of the doll. very very well done :)
tsuyoshikentsu Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004
Go for the doll... It needs your love. :(
RiP9 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004
Congratulations with DD :clap:
A very good work!! And i like your comment to it very much! :)
Myzc Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
Powerful statement,
Strong picture.
Until I was about 11 I slept in a pile of plushies(seriously) I had about 13 toys on my bed and before falling asleep I made sure every one of them ws positioned closely and comfortably. If I woke up in the mornin and found out one fell off the bed I'd ohno and put it back right away. v.v
geckokid Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004  Professional General Artist
now i see the message, tho i am not echoing it yet, coz I am not afraid of darkness, so no matter how cheap the lamp is, i won't choose it. :+fav:

it is beautiful :)
fluffaygem Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
I love the idea behind it.... the art looks kinda dark... great work with the brushes!
skyeklad Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
Excellent work - I really felt the emotion when I saw this and read your comments. And congrats on the DD :).
LovelyJadedLoner Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
Beautiful... reminds me of when I was younger. I love it.
ChloeM Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
awesome picture and great message :+fav:
Fuck-on-Cocaine Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004   Photographer
Ooh, this is very lovely, dear! The dollie is goregous ... and I love the way the colours work with each other. It gives the drawing a darker sort of feel, yet with the lamp it truly luminates everything. Great work!

cheers :tp:

- sarah
avivi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004

i told you Biatch,

*your Voodoo Rule*


:party: :cake: :beer:
Crayman Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
i wouldn't buy neither ... i would've kept the money .

seriously .
pirs Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
sadwonderland Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
DOOOD you got a Daily Dev! BULLY FOR YOU!!
loving-you-always Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004   Photographer
i cant find the words....its great...and im just like you. i'd rather have the doll.
XxXgrimsmileXxX Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
congrats on the wonderful drawing...i especialy like this this 1 bc i too am petrified of the dark
casperk Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
"Thy souls in flames of anger, and cruelty cradle thee"
JayPea Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
that's very cool, very cool indeed..
DM7 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Wow that's so nice! :+fav: not just because of the vibrant colors, but because of the cute and original style! Congrats and good job! :D
GidgieGrave Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
I love it! wonderfull!!!. I love the colours :)
VampyrAmoura Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
I relate very well to the bold part in the description, but by the way, what a very nice concept and the final product is great!
bubasti Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
You got a daily deviation! Congratualtions Vodoo!
As allways your stuff brings a soft tingly fealing inside me, thank you for the wonderfull work you showed me today!
The-Definition Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004  Professional Photographer
Really nice ans smooth, te colors are great, hard to believe this got a dd

good job
tediousNescience Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004

'Nuff said.
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