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Maree Ate Her Little Lamb
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By VoodooBiatch   |   Watch
Published: July 14, 2005
© 2005 - 2019 VoodooBiatch
Mary had a little lamb
Little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow,

Ev'rywhere that Mary went,
Mary went, Mary went,
Ev'rywhere that Mary went,
The Lamb was sure to go …

Original by Sarah Josepha Hale, 1830

Maree Ate Her Little Lamb

Maree ate her little lamb and its fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Maree went the Lamb was sure to go

Elegant Gothic Lolitas and Mary Had a Little Lamb inspired my version of Maree, however mine was a version of Sweet Lolita, with her purple frilly petticoats and pink stockings and large platforms. Mary had a little lamb that always followed her; Aries possesses a great leadership and challenges which many people find dynamic. Even though a lamb is a different from a Ram, I saw Maree as a little girl cuddling her little lamb to death and ate it when she was tempered. I guess Aries Maree doesn’t like clingy-ness all that much. I know I don’t. :P


Zodiac Sign
A R I E S Maree

The Ram
March 21 to April 20

Element ~ Fire Leadership, Energetic, Dynamic, Quick Tempered, Selfish, Impatient

Her horns indicate great strength and firepower
Maree’s big red bows significant
Fluffy white soft fur branches from the front of her forehead that covers the rest at the back, like a bonnet.

Thank You all so much for watching me and always waiting so patiently till I submit new pieces.
You are the greatest people ever always encouraging and supporting. I enjoy reading what you have to say so comments are always welcome.
Drop by anytime because I do reply

I also want to thank `niteangel for spoling me with his unconditional love because
without you, I don't think I could ever finish any drawings, always giving me advice.
thank you

I love this girl ~niva shes a TRUE Aries known her since I was a liddle girlie
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CarolynViolet's avatar
CarolynViolet Photographer
Wow! :faint:
The detail is incredible!
I love her hair!
And another Daily Deviation!
Woah girl, you're on fire!
IrrideSense's avatar
Mary had a little lamb,
piece of cheese,
slice of ham. . . .
bearcub94's avatar
so cute i love her hair <3
stainedvelvet's avatar
this. is. AMAZING.
seriously, this is just gorgeous and the concept is so creative.
wonderful, wonderful job. :+fav: <3
printerERROR's avatar
printerERRORStudent General Artist
What a simply stunning picture of Aries Lolita.

:] Great work on the socks and hair! They must have taken ages.
elfic's avatar
is my zodiac sign :D

excellent work!
acCidx-bUrn's avatar
:wow: it´s awesome!! ^^ i´m aries... and my name is maria, xDDDD so... maree, or mary, xDD i like it!! and.. well.. my hair is curly too!!!!! jajaja O_o... i like! :+fav:
lucias-tears's avatar
lucias-tears Photographer
oh my this is wonderful! i adore her boots! i really hope you do more in the series!
Miseria-Cantare's avatar
it's good to see your work :D i just came back to DA, so i wanted to check in on my favorite artist. i must say it was a lovely suprise. your work is of course as awe-inspiring as ever.
this piece is great. wondeful job
YerMam's avatar
YerMamHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is a different style than you usually use... I'm sorry I haven;t been commenting (I've looked at all your stuff but I have like 400 new peices to see *had no internet during the summer*) but I AM STILL YOUR FAN GIRL...

this is different (as I've said) but still wonderfully gorgeous!
ArtDoge's avatar
ArtDogeProfessional Digital Artist
I donno if i said this already, but, I AM REALLY digging your style!
bowlingforrainbows's avatar
Beautiful work baby :heart: As always you've paid attention to immaculate detail and colour.
All of your work is so unique, but you have something that few others have, and that's style. You're one of the few painters here whose work I can tell is yours without seeing your name on it.
If the rest of the series is any good as this piece, as I'm sure they will be, I really can't wait (though get onto Libra! *nudgenudge*)
You're too talented for me :faint:
irish-wasabi's avatar
i love the idea and all the detail you did
Faffles's avatar
Everything is perfect... amazing!

MISSCrazySEXYCool's avatar
good job!!! ^_^ I luv the way you've done this...And i'm Aries! hihi
tackystock's avatar
Beautiful Jaq! Lovely to see you drawingss x
NorwayFox's avatar
Ok, wow. This is so incredible detailed! I loooooove the background and the soft coloring with its hard details (...that makes sense x__X;; ). This is not at all what I was expecting when I heard of the idea, though I can't say I know what I was expecting. This is so lovely! Now I'm really excited to see the rest of the series. ;o; I love how you did the research and put a signifigance to everything in the drawing. This is incredible!!
edthered's avatar

shattered-reflection's avatar
She has the expression of guilt and an upset stomach.

Me? I am a vegetarian, so I am glad i did not have to eat the meat but poor lamb and poor marry.

I love the colours! they are so strong and rich! the soft strokes are beautiful and the detail on the skirt mind boggling. I like the twisted tittle and you did a great job of mixing the zodiac and nursery rhymes.
cursed-soul's avatar
This looks so different..
its looks filled with fantasy.

i really love it.
hypedupmonkey's avatar
hypedupmonkey Interface Designer
This artwork is amazing, I think I read you actually drew that using a tablet. Geez, I wish I could draw like that, its truely breathtaking, Theres so much detail involved, Everytime I look I find a new detail. Congrats Daily Devianation and yet again for its detail and magnificiance, I take my hat off to you, Well, That would be if I was wearing one.


PS, Looking forward to seeing aquarius ;)
munkah's avatar
Your art belongs in a museum!
anonymous's avatar
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