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Just An Other Fairy Tale

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Published: March 30, 2004
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The GraveKeeper

This was NOT what I wanted at all...
I am having the biggest artist block ever...

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... I can't believe this is happening... I need to copy this drawing onto ONE disc, and other word documents, so I can do my homework on my bro's comp. Because my fucking internet isn't working. WHY NOW!? WHY ME!?

mkthx that's my rant.
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LindaLisaProfessional General Artist
aww I think she is amazing...and the whole picture is wonderful ^^ The colors in the clouds are great and just the simple story it seems to tell is nice :heart:
bearcub94's avatar
i absolutely love the colors u used for the sky <3
Nolita-San's avatar
awesome. i love the colours and the style :P fave
lakormis's avatar
that's awesome woww
fiercebloodlove's avatar
:clap: I love this .. the colors and the oddness very cool
jabberwok's avatar
ahhh godbless that sanguine moon.. it so kindly disembowled somone we dont know before visiting us in this nice window.
the clouds and really yhr trees are just simply .. well. words defy me. i cant tell you how much i like it. however i think what is outside the window is the real show. "inside" just isnt up to the score i dont think..
there are some green artifacts at the top of the window,.. they are bearly noticable, but impact on your normaly quite professional image i think.
also, i think her figure is kinda weird. what with the boobs ? O____o
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So beautiful and original.
The details... *WHOW*
Grr ^^
I love it, I love your prints, and I'll watch you :) :+fav:
mousey-buu's avatar
Always <3 your clouds and color composition
and your beautiful style that expresses what words could not say.
Serenity-chan's avatar
It's like she's reaching for an invisible moon or something in the room with her... Reaching to a fantasy sky.

Even though you're having an artist's block, you're still pouring out imagination by the turn, sweety. It's beautiful, I love her facial expression.

And congratulations on the prints account, whenever I have money I intend to buy some. nn'
LordTarquin's avatar
WOW this is a print! MUST............HAVE..... (as soon as i get the money heh) :heart:
criminal-enterprises's avatar
eeek! i love this. i don't know what you were going for when you did it, but i am please with the result! nicely done indeed.
Princesinha's avatar
You know I love all you're job and, 2 days ago, I told you that the only problem I saw in your works was the fact of don't differ one from other... we look at a picture and to other and other and we see always the same thing!

This time I look at the picture and I tell "Yes, it's a Jaqueline work!" but, in spite of being bored, I say "What a lovely colors, what a amazing picture,...".

Just be careful with the prespective of the picture!

Hugs and Kisses!!!
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AK-Is-HarmlessHobbyist Traditional Artist
So very cool. Love those colors! :D

azusamizuki's avatar
O_O! Oh well! for not being soemthing that you wanted, it's AWESOME! :clap: :clap:!!! I love the colors you used!!!!
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NoamBiassozkHobbyist Digital Artist
It deserves a fav!!

I'm sure you've heard it a lot of times, but your works have a tim Burton style I like it a lot.
But at the same time they also show your own style, and this make them very special works. Congratulations!!

The clouds and background are really cool.
Nymphaea-Caerulea's avatar
The background looks really beautiful n_n
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Illiterate-CellStudent General Artist
Holy shit......If you call this an artist block, I wish I had one everday... This is soo amazing.. I mean all your peices I have seen so far are incredible.. I dont know how you do it? What ever it is though im loving it, and just seeing all these comments im pretty positive im not the only one! You shouldnt be so hard on yourself with your art.. I mean its good to have expections, but I dont know how you cant be satisfied with this peice.. I love the colors you use.. I love all of it.. Great Job and keep doin what your doing!
Cosmiksquirel's avatar
clothes are weird but i still love them
the color of the sky is totally amazing
i think you really like to do clouds eh? ;) well, its a good idea..keep it up ^^
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KordeliaProfessional Digital Artist
Fantastic work!
sausage-of-joy's avatar
gah I totally dig the skies that you make. freakin nice. you have a somewhat neat style.
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Analye Digital Artist
Your work is wunderful even on a bad. :w00t:
Eskimo-me's avatar
Oh my god, this is so amazing.you are like the next Roman Dirge or Tim Burton or something, alll you art is sooo good! I especially love the curls in the trees and the colour of the clouds. Def a :+fav:
itscheryl's avatar
the colours are too beautiful :heart:
PaintingHope's avatar
P.S. For some reason, those colours really touch me. ; )
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