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Come Back...
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By VoodooBiatch   |   Watch
Published: January 3, 2004
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Oi oi everybody who actaully reads...
Anyways, this could be my last drawing for a very long time. School starts on Monday and it gets busy and blah blah...it goes on...

I hope you enjoy this drawing... and wtf is it STILL blurry?!
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jamie78's avatar
Beauriful work(*
heyamanda9's avatar
i like this one!! i actually like all of your pics! kinda abstract. they kinda remind me of a picture out of a book about a sad girl.
Captin-Catkin's avatar
Wow that is very pretty. What did you use to color it?
moongate's avatar
moongateProfessional Digital Artist
nice! im curious what media you used for it
leeyaszzie's avatar
looks gothic yet sweet
love how u play around wit colour for this one<3

somehow it reminds me of vincent van gogh's Starry Starry Night.
silvercherriz's avatar
silvercherrizHobbyist General Artist
Wow, pretty colors ^^
littleredelf's avatar
littleredelfHobbyist Photographer
a gypsy queen headed out to sea,
i love those curly clouds beyond.
the path of the little fireflies
(bugs, butterflies?) look like kite strings.
ArmorFelix2001's avatar
wow, I think its the organic quality of this piece that really draws me in, like there's a little girl living in my intestine. Rowing a little boat into the sky..or a nucleus...
jero1's avatar
holy sheep, thats gorgeous, what did you use to color it?
thats incredible
PaintingHope's avatar
You know, everyone says your work reminds them of something, but I never see it. Yours always looks original to me.

And I love the detail in this. I love the red. And the expression the little creature/person had on its face is mesmerizing. I can't think of the right words to say it, cause I suck, but... Its truly captivating. And in all honesty, I think its beautiful in all senses and meanings of that word. I especially love the water. I want to swim in it. ; )
JulietEmily23's avatar
JulietEmily23 Photographer
*baby voice* can I ride on the boat pweeze! *normal voice* awesome colors, love the background. Neat face. this gets a star!
wicked-eve's avatar
very wonderful work.
mystical and such, what with the flowers almost floating in the sky.

the detailing again, god, you never cease to amaze me it seems.

very wonderful coloring.
dark as night and all.

well done. :D
ailaik's avatar
ailaikProfessional General Artist
I really love your style, kinda reminds me of "Nightmare before Christmas," or is that a negative thing to say? Anyhow, I'm very fond of that film, so if your stuff reminds me of it, I guess it's a good thing. ;)
I would like to pick a fav though, but I can't choose, so please believe me that I love it all...
Miseria-Cantare's avatar
aw, this seems so sad....
nice work though
"There is poetry in despair, and we sang with unrivaled beauty, bitter elegies of savagery and eloquence." AFI
member of livingpoetsociety

get a comment from me? please share the love
like-spinning-plates's avatar
somehow it reminds me of the nightmare before christmas - are you inspired by the animation in that film ? its stunning by the way ...
VoodooBiatch's avatar
yip! but I am always inspired by many other artist and music aswell. ty!
satirick's avatar
love ur draw style, cool & dark ^^
Chengy's avatar
wow the colours you used look great together~~ and i absolutely love the way you coloured the reflection in the water~~ and teh clouds~! i love the way you drew them~~!! :heart:
d-b-c's avatar
Such a lovely picture. The colours are great. You must love this.
Miss-Monster's avatar
Ooo! Great work.
Any story behind it? WHERE'S SHE GOING??!!
she'll be missed...
HA. School for you. *smug*
Funny thing..I used to loathe school, but now I miss it.
c0rtex's avatar
wow this is just amazing! the full view is awesome =D :+fav:
pr0jectz's avatar
pr0jectzProfessional General Artist
sweet work again
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