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Poem 17
My coat bundled height, I walk through February streets that weave and wide as conversations choreographed to avoid the dead body in the middle of the room.  
The street lamps hum electric notes into the dark revealing the butts of coffin nails cast among constellations of pigeon shit.
From neon lit doors left ajar comes laughter as hot house flower perfume, fated just the same to die and disappear when outside the place prepared for it.
In parks, empty swing sway as hanged men and fountains sit still as headstones.
Would that I could have been some fur and a tail scampering through sewers.
And coming to the door
sitting beside the arm the eyes the tress
What shall I say?
What shall I say that would live longer then a gad fly.
that would hold more mean then static station, full of noise but never ending silence.
With world enough and time, glaciers melt and fortes walls crumble.
All long after I am turned to ash and dust
Shall I reach across the gap force lips to pre
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Freedom of Movement
I watched Ann-Mary,
child of 9 months, walk.
She moved with grace;
as all new life does.
A little clumsy with her new limes.
Yet she stepped without fear.
No heed paid to predators or critics.
No rope shortens her stride.
No burden hunches her back.  
She seemed perpetually on the verge of flight;
as if gravity was nothing more
then a paper chain easily freed from.
as thou she only needed to remember
how to take off.  
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He was yours.
His heart beat belonged to you.
Yet you loosed apocalypse!
Razed his home to its foundations!
Turned his garden to ash!
Left him blistered, burned and lost!
But a seed of will survived,
bared beyond your holocaust touch.
It's life spared.
Replaced fragile skin with a thicker hide.
Grew a new heart which beat unto itself.
Now he is a thing of freedom.
Roaming, deep forests and open plains.
Chained to no one
And you are forgotten.
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Sage of LA
I seen him,
walking down Mollohan drive.
A battered umbrella
and a half melted spatula,
sticking out his shopping cart.
Gray hair,
madded thick as thumbs,
hanging from his head.
A gnarly white berried,
full like a French hedge row,
reaching down to his stomach.
Duck tape patching his
coat and pants.
His shoes flopping with ever step.
Some call him
sing of a deteriorating society.
but talk to him
with the courtliness of a German noble,
and the skill of the best UCLA professor,
he will lay such heavy wisdom on you,
you'll want to laugh, cry, and meditate
all at the some time.
"All that's golden does not glitter,
All who wander are not lost…"
Sure, he lives out there
With the man who stinks of cheap bourbon at 9:00 am
And the lady how thinks the governments wants to steal her ovaries.
But look in his eyes,
beneath all the grime,
and you'll see pools of water
deep as eternity.
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Today I am the soldier,
saber bathed in blood.
Now a prince,
sipping jasmine tea.
Today I am the camel,
trading over dunes.
Now a madden,
kissed beneath the moon.
Today I am the gecko,
sunning on warm stones.
Now a merchant
draped in silken robs.
Again I reach for freedom.
Again I hear Nirvana's call.
My debt too great,
My heart too heavy,
Again I fall.
Today I am the beggar
graveling in the dust.
Now a falcon,
gliding beneath  the sun.
Again again and again
I am…
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Lilith and Me at Club Eden
They're throwing you out.
You wouldn't give the manager head!
I'm out of here too!
Everything on tap
and at your finger tips.
Who needs it?
We'll make our own fun.
I'll hunt and you keep house.
Okay? Okay.
You hunt and I'll keep house.
Sleep in the same tent,
for warmth mind you.
Okay? Okay.
Separate tents.
I bet we'll find others
and if we don't
so what?
At least we won't be here,
following rules that don't make sense.
"Eat from any tree" my ass!
Wonder who they'll get next?
Probably some airhead waiters.
Bet you she'll make trouble.
I'd take you any day.
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Mask and Vial
You wear so many masks
to keep the world at bay.
You own so many vials
to shade your eyes from colors
you can not bear to see.
Masks and vials belong to the dead!
The living have no business with them!
Are you a corps?
Does your heart not beat?
Do you wish for un-life?
To be a soulless thing,
walking the earth without a meaning?
Burn your vials!
Break your masks!
You have all eternity for death
and so little time to live.
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At the End of All Things
All the world is burning.
While we sit in tasteful chairs,
on the balcony of our fifty story tower,
sipping espressos from small white cups rimmed with blue glaze,
discussing the impotents of rain dripping off white hens and red wheel barrels.
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Mature content
Pray to St. Augustan :iconvoodoo143:voodoo143 0 2
Mature content
Sexual Encounter :iconvoodoo143:voodoo143 0 4
If to live in Misery's malformed mansion means commune with you, dear one, there shall I reside.  
Away azure sky and emerald field!  Until her lips again upturn in merriment, I blind my eyes to thee.  Begone song of robin and touch of lover!  Till her brow lay clean once more of Woe's ash coverd hand, I will be as gray Charon, who has ears made only for the rattle of the dirge and has no companions, save the dead.
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last moment
In black and beauty.
In summer's light.
In cruised days.
On dead air nights.
With nimble hand,
and broken brow
the thread is cut
the cry is loud.
Red viscous flows
from an open vein.
An unwieldy heart
At last is tamed.
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Angel came down to see me.
Crying, I looked up at her, at eyes like candlelight, like the sun in spring.
"Hey, you doorknob, what'd I tell you about crying?"
Grinning some, I sobbed back eye water.
"Well, that's a little better.  Now what's wrong?"
Looking down, I couldn't talk much.  
I'd failed her.  I was hurt again; hurt for no reason other than my mixed up mind.
She laid her hands on me, soft as feathers, strong as the word "mother."
"You haven't failed anyone, silly-boy, just stumbled.  All you have to do is get back up."
So I did.  I stood up…and saw Angel smiling at me.
"Now was that so hard?"
Shaking my head, I turned to go.
And Angel hugged me from behind.  It felt like being home.
"Just remember, goofball, you have to do it for yourself sometimes, but you never do it alone."
And I woke up,
no one else was there,
but I knew, I wasn't alone.
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Mature content
Exhibition of Specimen No. 345 :iconvoodoo143:voodoo143 1 2
To Vivid
Some take lace and silk
Cream in their coffee
None for you, thanks.
Black, and blue, and bound up in leather straps for you, pleas.  
A six inch heel is four inches too short and two size too small leaves far too much breathing room.  
You make the avant garde side of the color spectrum (electric orange and the like) look so very good.  
Born in the dream of some mad Pypamlion scientist, your are is master piece I'm sure.
A siren from a far flung future.  
A fantastic.  A mind-blow.  A wonderful.
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Observing Suitors
What fools they be!
What peacocks shacking tail feathers to woe a tigress
What ants building mounds of gold dust to reach a star.
What is techno colored plumage and a pile of yellow stones to tigresses and stars?
Desiring her wisdom, they would threaten Morgain.
Desiring her grace, they would offer ten virgin's blood to Nemesis.
And would stand dumbstruck as their heads are cleaved off and their innards ripped out.
They know nothing of the Path!
That to earn tigress love, you must first become a tiger.
That to touch a star's fair face, you must first learn to fly.
They know nothing of the Mystery.
That Morgain must be humbly asked,
and the only blood to offer Nemesis flows in one's own veins.
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Matt Munro
United States
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Favourite genre of music: rock with techno and rap on the side
Operating System: Bassball bat
Skin of choice: Tattooed
Favourite cartoon character: Spike, Haruko, Brian, Quagmer, Snoopy
Personal Quote: No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself
I have actually been working on something and hope to have it up soon.  

Life has been interesting these last few weeks.  Working at a job I hate (Wal-Mart BOOO), while simultaneously finding a lot of happiness with my friends and growing a lot personally.  Good thins all around (save the evil empire job).


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