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Applejack feltie


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Felt pony pattern


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Do Not Steal


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Golden Rarity

FiM Ponies

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Earlier Gen Ponies

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Sibella and Matches

OCs and Ponyfied

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Golden Apples ficlet

"Of course they're gold. They're Golden Delicious, ain't they?" Applejack stomped her hoof, glaring up at her brother. "For one thing, I found 'em in the western orchard, and you know darn well there's Cortlands, Winesaps, Honeycrisps, and Galas, but no Golden Delicious." Mac shrugged and rolled the piece of straw he was chewing on to the other side of his mouth. "So maybe the wind blew a seed - " "For 'nother thing, they're not golden, they're gold! Like shiny new fancy jewelry. Like metal!" "Huh. That is strange." "It's downright creepy, is what it is." "Nothin' to get yourself in a tizzy about, little sis. We've been gettin' lots of


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Zebra stallion lines

Line Art

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Voodoo-Tiki's Pony Plushie Tutorial text only

Supplies Material (see below) General purpose thread in matching colors Small, sharp scissors Hand-sewing needles Polyester fiberfill (stuffing) Marker and cardstock Supplies that aren't absolutely required, but make life easier Beeswax - run the thread through it before sewing to prevent tangles Locking forceps - aka hemostats. Help with turning ears and legs Curved needle - good for finishing seams Plastic "beanie" pellets - weight down the legs to make the plushie stand better Material There are several choices for fabric, each with good and bad points. Felt pros: Very cheap, comes in lots of colors, available in craft stor


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