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Wind Whistler



This was originally an OC, but the commissioner didn't like the painting in progress, so I finished it up for myself and changed her into Wind Whistler, one of my favorite G1 ponies.

In the show, Whistler was the Spock: very smart and logical. She got made fun of by the other ponies for being kind of socially maladroit, using big words and "having no feelings" (which isn't true!). Sort of the spiritual ancestress of Twilight Sparkle, but with more emotional control. I totally identified with her.

A good example of Wind Whistler in action here: [link]

I've got a little group devoted to this character! Join us at :iconwindwhistler-fans:
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Wind Whistler is best pony.  Especially here.  That weather is just amazing, and her mane and tail are very dynamic.  Favorited. :)