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Miss Smartypants pattern 2 by Voodoo-Tiki Miss Smartypants pattern 2 by Voodoo-Tiki
This is the same pattern Iíve been using to make my Miss Smartypants dolls. I still take commissions for them if you donít feel like sewing your own. The pattern is free to use, but not to resell. I appreciate credit, mainly so other people who want to use the pattern can find it here, too.


Pattern page 1: [link]


gray corduroy or denim
blue denim
light teal cotton or felt
white acrylic paint
thick brown yarn
flat, 4-hole buttons (one pink, one blue)
dark brown embroidery floss
gray and blue all-purpose thread
polyester or bamboo fiberfill (stuffing)

Some notes on materials

For the body material, I've been using monk's cloth. It had a weave that resembles burlap, but instead of being scratchy and rough it's very soft to the touch. Unfortunately, it only comes in a few colors so it needs to be dyed gray, and it frays like crazy. I REALLY would not recommend using it. A gray corduroy or denim will work much better. Using iron-on interfacing will make these fabrics even easier to draw patterns on and work with.

For the pants, Iíve never been able to find a material with the right spots. I paint them on with white acrylic craft paint, which you can get a little bottle of for under a dollar at the craft store. You could also embroider or appliquť them, in which case your supply list will be a little different.

For the eyes, I use fake buttons made of felt, which are nice and soft. The brand is called Favorite Findings. Regular buttons will work just as well.

Youíll also want a doll sculpting needle or other similar long needle to use with the embroidery floss.


Print out the pattern to the size you want. Use the drawing of the button eye as a guideline - the button you're going to use should about match the one on the printout.

Where the pattern says "2,1R" cut two pieces, one with the template flipped over so you get mirror images.

You'll sewn on the drawn lines, so cut around them with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Cut 2 feet, 2 ears, and two arms from gray fabric.
Cut 2, 1R body from gray fabric.
Cut 2 pants legs from blue fabric.
Cut 2,1R pants from blue fabric.

Start with the ears. Fold an ear along the dotted line with the right (outer) sides together and sew from A1 to A2 to A3, leaving A1 to A3 open, and turn them right side out.

Sew together the side body and the pants from D1 to D2, then repeat for the other body side.

On the head section there are two darts - B and C. Pinch the fabric together so B1 touches B3, then sew from B1 to B2.

At the back of the head, place an ear into the dart so earís fold is on C1 and the ear is sticking into the body (it will be on the right side when you turn the plushie). Just as with the B dart, pinch together C1 and C3, and then sew from there to C2, sewing the bottom of the ear into the seam. Repeat for the other ear.

Set the body aside for a moment and move on to the pants leg.

On the pants leg, sew the little dart on the bottom the same way, E1 touching E3, then sew from there to E2. Sew a foot to the pants leg, matching F1 to E4, F2 to the E1/E3 dart seam, and E5 to F3.

Rights sides together, fold the leg assembly together and sew from E6 to F4 to E7, leaving E6 to E7 open. Turn the leg right side out and stuff very lightly, with almost no stuffing at the top of the leg (so it flops nicely). Repeat for the other leg.

Take a leg and put it inside the body, matching E7 on the leg to H2 and E6 on the leg to H1 on the pants, with the leg on the right (outer) side of the piece. This will put it inside the body cavity when the body pieces are sewn together, and on the outside when it is turned. Pinch together H1 and H2, and sew from there to H3, trapping the top of the leg in the seam. Repeat for the other side.

Sew together the body pieces all around the outer edge, leaving a turning opening between L1 and L2 on the back.

Turn the body and stuff. The head should be stuffed firmly, the neck loosely so the head flops, and the body somewhat loosely so she slumps. Close the turning opening with a ladder stitch.

To make an arm, fold it right sides together so G1 touches G2, then sew along the outer edge from there to G3, leaving G1-G2 open. Turn it right side out. Stuff the arm, firmly near the hand and loosely at the top, and close G1-G2 opening with a ladder stitch.

Sew the to the body about where indicated on the pattern with a ladder stitch, with the fold side facing the front.

The animators weren't very consistent about which eyes was on which side. I usually put the arm patch and a blue eye on the doll's right, and the loose pink eye and floppy ear on her left.

To make the floppy ear, fold it over and tack the tip down to the base of the ear.

With the embroidery floss, take a small stitch at the back of the head between the ears and secure it with a knot. Push the needle out where the eye should be and sew on a button, then bring the floss back out at the same place between the ears. If youíre making the doll for a small child, I advise sewing on both eyes securely.

For the mane and tail, cut a few uneven lengths of thick yarn and tie them together tightly - one bundle for the mane, a slightly longer bundle for the tail. Sew them in place with the embroidery floss, the mane between the ears to cover where the eyes were secured, and tail on her patoot where indicated.

Finally, sew the arm patch on with very large, sloppy-looking stitches using embroidery floss. You might want to secure the patch down with a spot of glue first to make sure it doesn't fall off. Finish the stitch underneath the patch.

Have fun!
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TOTALLY MAKING ME A SMARTY PANTS =D (happiest person ever right now)
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Yes, it should be perfectly fine in fleece or something similar. It might turn out a little fatter since denim and corduroy don't have as much stretch as fleece does.
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Okayz1 Thank you!
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