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Beginner Pony Plushie Tutorial

Pattern page one: [link]
Pattern page two: [link]

You'll need 1/3 yard of material, matching thread, and the usual sewing equipment (scissors, thread, etc). Machine not required - I sew everything by hand. This makes an 8-inch tall pony, but the pattern can also be enlarged or shrunk; adjust material requirements accordingly.

This is as simple as I can make the pattern and still have it look decent! Anyone who can knows the basics of sewing will be able to use this.

If you don't know how to backstitch or ladder stitch, there are several tutorials here on DA and on YouTube.
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Mil gracias por compartir

Rassiliana's avatar
I finished this Tempest plush today with your tutorial and patterns. It was really helpful, thank you!
Tempest Shadow Plush by Rassiliana
LeSupremeDalek's avatar
Do you have any tips on making bat pony wings?
JiangShouheng's avatar
Hello voodoo-kiki I'm a brony living in Taiwan I want to translate your tutorial into Chinese and share out
Hope to get your consent
Your brony friend
kaciekk's avatar
omg how is it that this looks so simple but the product looks good! Too bad I'm horrible at making this stuff, I really want my own pony.
smithers888's avatar
I made another plushie with this and was more than pleased with how it came out.…
Thanks again for the pattern!
Bigcait's avatar
I am so confused about the head A6 to body A6 part! Someone please help me 
CutePoochyena261's avatar
I love this. Thank you so much for putting this up. I now know what I'm gonna give all my bronies and pegasisters :D
pandagyrl2's avatar
What material did you use for the mane and tail?
wwwpat's avatar
I really love how the ears are pointing forward. <3
Awesome concept!
Istarian's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial, just made myself one today. I used fleece for mine.

I think short pins might work better than tacking, which I am inefficient at, but long pins are mostly useless here unless one enjoys stabbing one's fingers.
sweeetop's avatar
where did you get the material for the mane and tail?
KornerPokett's avatar
You are the freakin' BEST!! \m/
Pinkiepievorefan's avatar
Can I sell it? Not on deviantart, but in real life.
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Thanks for the great pattern. Here's my first attempt at a pegasus stallion:…

I used felt which, as mentioned below, is not the best choice, but it was the cheapest. I think it didn't work out too badly for a first attempt.

One issue I did have with the pattern was that the neck on the belly piece wasn't really long enough to reach the chin - the distance from E1 to the unlabelled marker between E1 and E2 is further on the body side pattern than on the belly pattern. I guess a positive of using felt is that I could stretch it enough to make up for the difference.

I think I can see why you prefer tacking to pinning. I used pinning the whole way through this and had a few moments where it was difficult to get the pins in place without causing the fabric to bend out of place. Not to mention the number of times the thread got caught on the pins while I was trying to pull it through.
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Awesome pattern, thanks so much. Made these two with it:

First attempt: Purple Pony by Myklor

Second attempt: Lucky Strike by Myklor

Thanks again :D
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So cute, I wanna make a plushie unicorn bag <3 :)
chibee-ghiblee-666's avatar
the bit about attaching the back of the head to the neck/body is very confusing and getting me stressed, I dont understand the whole folding the head piece back and sewing from a5 to a6, help!!
ndfan1993's avatar
Thank you sooo much for this pattern!! I feel so accomplished! I made a plushie with your pattern here:…

My sister is gonna love this!! Thanks again for being awesome and having this tutorial! :D
Awwwww cute. Many thanks
PACEEION's avatar
I managed to make a practice plush but due to your instructions it was very hard to do and my plush has the hole in the belly but I can't sow it up cuse it doesn't say how
JujuBabies's avatar
If it's just for practice you could try doing a blanket stitch from the inside, or a regular one from the outside if it's already sealed.
PACEEION's avatar
This is very confusingconfusing
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