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Louis and Lestat colored

Heyyy! colored! sorry bout the poor coloring, im still working on that, hope you like it anywaizz!!!
plzz leave your comment!

Because they just can´t help it!
love the way those two just can´t keep apart !

little scene extracted from "the tale of the body thief"

characters by fabulous Anne Rice.
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That scene. It was so random and yet so awesome. Great job! :thumbsup:
Voodoo-kiss's avatar
hauhauha thanks!  i think its my favorite in all of them anne rice books
Titiany's avatar
Lestat's jaw is very beautiful.
MychelleWonderland's avatar
This part, haha, so fucking cute!
Mychele-inWonderland's avatar
HAHAHAHAHA, this is so... funny XD

Love this part! I want kill Lestat in this moment, but don't matter... Lestat and Louis is love XDXD
galidor's avatar
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I love it!!!! It's co cute!!
Stardustseraphim's avatar
Lestat's come-ons. Timeless. I love your expressions. For some reason, Lestat reminds me of Lucy in Peanuts trying to seduce Schroeder. That's a good thing. :D
minimaria28's avatar
i just read that part of the book haha!
bigmachine's avatar
Shadow-Hunter-o0o's avatar
thats why i love those two
they can never part away from each other
Otaku998's avatar
Lestat is about as subtle as a flying brick.
Voodoo-kiss's avatar
oh that he is!
"subtle as a flying brick"
described with perfection!
Otaku998's avatar
To be more specific, a flying brick covered with black velvet and sequins with the words "LESTAT, BITCHES!" embroidered on it in hot pink. XD
Voodoo-kiss's avatar
that sure asks for a comic representation!!!
would u mind if i used it?
Otaku998's avatar
Sure, go ahead! Link me to it when you finish!
killeraardvark's avatar
it wasnt human week ness it was eiter a cunning plan to get back with louis or spitefull revenge
Voodoo-kiss's avatar
uahuahuhuaha yeahh lucky for Lestat that Louie doesn´t know that!
killeraardvark's avatar
lestat is in a lot of trouble when he dose
haius's avatar
The blood-splotch heart at the end is a nice touch. ^^
Voodoo-kiss's avatar
yeah! like bloody-cuteness!
EmzieBee's avatar
naw lestat~
so cute <3 you just want louis all to yourself ..lock claudia in a closet then he will be yours forever~
Voodoo-kiss's avatar
uahuahuahuahua great!
hey....thats an idea!!!
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