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:: I D E N T I T Y ::

Name: Nera
*Meaning: Light
*Alias(es): Era or Ren, ice Lady given by Ammerlie

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult [3 1/2yrs]

Current Height:
Height: 28"
-Mature Height: 34"

Current Weight: 
Weight: 45Ibs 
-Mature Weight: 50Ibs

Orientation: Bi-Sexual
[Leans toward both genders equally]

Sexual History: Virgin

*Mannerisms: Her left ear will sometimes fold over and her abnormally fluffy tail will poof up when excited. (She will sometimes chase her tail out of the blue)

Bloodlines: Mountain Bloodline 50%/ Timber Bloodline 35%/ Forest Steppe Bloodline 10%/Marsh Bloodline 4%
Scent: Sweet Mint & Lavender

Physical Description: Nera small toned body is built for speed, she is fast and able to move with hast when needed. Her scar over her left eye was given during a horrific accident when she was a pup, even though she may be blind in one eye don't let that fool you, she is very good at spotting just about anything, training herself to rely on her only site she has left. Her thick coat helps keep her warm during harsh winters or storms, her abnormally poofy tail she tends to wrap herself with out of habit and her small ears even though seem useless they are actually really good with detecting the tiniest of sounds, although she walks alone she could be of good help to those she comes across. One of her appearances is her eyes, her light parts show as if she has some kind of eye liner forming a unique shape.

Pack or Guild: Loner
Rank: Loner 

:: P E R S O N A L I T Y ::

Traits: Caring, Loyal, Compassionate,, Flirtatious, Clingy, Gullible, Too Forgiving, Blunt, Truthful, Selfless, Romantic,Tough, Skillful, Passionate, and Foolish, Sarcastic. 

In Depth: Nera is a very friendly, caring and playful girl. She spends most of her time alone since she feels packs would not desire her company or use, but she enjoys running into other wolves or small critters, her first encounter can be abit over whelming she will greet you with excitement bouncing around with a over wagging tail, literally she is like a small pup despite her age. And if you don't mind a very chatting wolf then she will be wonderful company, also at times she can be a bit gullible taking most things said literally, once she notices things were nothing what she thought off, she will be embarrassed her reaction being, her dropping to the ground and using her abnormally large fluffy tail to wrap around her small body and curling over her snout hiding her eyes from site as she mumbles to herself silly things, although don't let her silly and slow mind fool you Nera can be serious when needed. When all becomes serious and threatening, Nera switch flips just like that, she is quite mature for her age since she had to take care of her brother and sister while her parents were to busy handling there duties, there really was no choice for her. If you befriend her, her trust and loyalty is yours, she will certainly do anything for really anyone weather she knows them or not. Pups are certainly one of her other weaknesses she drops hard for them, so if you have pups just be warned her motherly instincts will kick in and she will just melt and do any kinds of play, or even do babysitting. All and all she is quite easy to get along with, don't be shy she will welcome your presents with a possible glomp to the ground. xD

Caring: Positive.
Nera is very loving she is always there for anyone weather they are going through a hard spot or not she would not want to be anywhere else but with you. She will give advice, listen to what ever is on your mind or just be there for e friendly chat. 

Loyal: Positive.
No matter who you are weather a friend or the person she loves she would never leave your side she will protect you, fight for you and love you with every fiber of her being. 

Compassionate: Positive.
This goes both ways since there isn't any bad bone within her body Neras heart is to kind for her own good she will show compassion for the other weather they did wrong or not, she believes everyone deserves chances. 

Romantic/Flirtatious: Positive.
Ok, so Nera is a big hearted and full on loving girl, she will give all her time, attention and affection to the one she loves/is attracted to, nothing is more important to her then her mate/crush. She would take them anywhere they wanted to go and even will give kisses and hold who she is with in her embrace always telling them how much she loves them, letting them know they are her one and only in this world. (A big warning she is a major cuddler she always likes to be close)

Tough/Skillful: Positive.
Even though she maybe abit small in size Nera is actually quit strong and pretty fast. Since she is small speed is her great point, if you ever need her for anything that involves fast pacing she's your girl. If she is ever in a spot to protect herself she can handle it, she is full of surprises. 

Passionate: Positive
She takes great enjoyment in nearly everything life has to offer, living to the moment and making the best of it, she lives her life the way she pleases since life is short every day she takes head on always loving the chance at meeting new wolves or critters mother nature throws her way. 

Too Forgiving/Truthful /Foolish: Negative.
Ever since she was young Nera has always been to forgiving, no matter whom it maybe weather they have done her wrong or cause harm against her in anyway she could never hold anything against them, no hate or anger, this greatly hurts her as it can be one of her downfalls. She is also to truthful with her way of seeing things, even though she never notices what she says her muzzle has no filter she will speak about whatever is on her mind or whatever she fines to be something she is against, also if you ever ask for her opinion in any matter I warn you she will be straight forward and harsh.

Blunt: Neutral.
Nera was raised to never tell a lie even when asked or hinted to do so, if you ask for a honest answer she will tell you straight up and to the point, sometimes her honestly can be to harsh and come on to strong something she has difficulty wasting back on. 

Gullible: Negative.
Nera is to kind hearted, she shows kindness to anyone even if they be the enemy, those who intend to harm her, being raised to only show love and compassion this can be abit of a weakness for her, she really is to caring and soft for her own good. She can easily betaken advantage of. She also is one to be there for not just her friends but for those whom need a shoulder to cry on or even just to have someone be there to listen she is the girl who will give her time to anyone who needs it no matter what she had planned they are put first. 

Selfless: Possitive
No matter the situation if Nera was near death or her life was in jeopardy she would always put another before herself, her feelings come last this is another point that shows negativeness, her heart is to kind to help herself, if it came down to it she would never pursue anyone that she felt feelings toward if another showed interest. (This weakness is something I hope another can change, even if she pushes away if you show her you will fight for her she may change slowly.)

Clingy: Negative. 
She can also get attached to others real quick since she is always alone, she will try to follow or keep you by her side with any kind of excuse to hopeful hold you at bae beside her for as long as possible, so if this irritates you then tend to not introduce yourself.

Sarcastic: Neutral.
Her sarcasm can be taken either in a positive vibe or negative, but she can be to much to handle and her sassy side can become a problem and lean toward the negative side, you just need to let her know when she goes tongue she tends to never notice till its to late to fix. 

 :: H I S T O R Y ::

Pre-Group History: Born in a territory surrounded and covered with snow Nera's parents Bender her father and Mel her mother lead a small pack of loner wolves, although there were struggles of finding food this did not stop the two pairs of having wonderful pups, Nera being the eldest, Moira the middle pup and her brother Rev being the youngest of the bunch turned out to be as healthy as could be. 

Despite the cold weather Nera and her family had the perfect coats for the chilly cold area. It was really great when Nera and her siblings ventured off playing in the snow and doing what siblings do best, doing better then the other, it was always a contest a fight to see who was better at whatever they came across.

Moira and Nera had the best bond between the three they practically did everything together, Rev on the other hand was more distant from his sisters he would always wonder off finding anything he could pick on or torture, he was the oddball, although never treated wrong there was always something in the back of his mind that edged him to do anything against the rules. 

With the pups parents always being off doing there leaderly duties they never had time to spend with there kids, and with that Nera being the oldest of the group she felt she had to do everything by caring for her brother and sister and feeding, her motherly instincts hit early on, as she began to mature at such an early age the pack had noticed this bringing up to the attention of there leaders. They were impressed as Nera was in there thoughts, her parents were in deep conversation of hoping one day give her the title of leadership when they stand down, now Rev over herd and was not very happy with this news, he had to do something to stop this from happening, he believed he was the only one for such a title, he was intact the only male that was born to Bender and Mel. 

One day Nera noticed her brother venturing into territories that there parents warned them never to enter, she followed him, she did not think of the consequences just the fact her brother could get hurt, as she continued some distance behind him she had no idea the trap she was going into, her brother was not much of her brother anymore, he was turning evil by the day his feelings towards his sisters weakened, he knew she would follow and just thinking with Nera out of his way he could easily handle taking care of Moira, once Nera reached deep enough into the dark shadows Rev quickly made his move attacking his own sister, he was also not alone his followers being two younger males backed him up, Nera was shot back as the first impact from her brother hit her right eye she could feel the instant pain, blood trailing down her face her site gone just like that, using her speed from her small figure to her advantage she swiftly took off the others following her but easily they were left in the dust. Reaching the open and bright field Nera ran crying to her parents, thankfully Moira was with them and seeing the injuries upon her face Bender and Mel took her close as they rushed to her side, they asked her what had happened and Nera answered with hesitation, even with the intentions her brother had for her Nera couldn't bring it up to them so quick she still cared for Rev, he was her brother at that and she didn't want anything bad to happen to him. Staring into space still filled with shock she whispered his name, her parents herd no matter how quiet she was and they took action, attacking him once they found him and driving him off never shall he return to the lands, Nera hated herself for giving up her brother and kicking him out of his home and his family, she still had hopes he could be saved, she would find him when she was strong enough to protect herself if needed to one day bring her brother home. 

As the seasons went by Nera and her sister matured to being quite the lovely fine wolves there parents raised them to be. Nera finally felt she was ready to head off on her own, her sister Moira thought differently and chose to stay with the pack. Nera was tearing up as she never thought she would ever leave home and her family, but deep down she needed to find her brother and help him by any means, even if her own life would be taken to do so. Once she said her goodbyes giving her parents and sister hugs and kisses farewell she headed off into the open horizon her long legs trotting off with some excitement she was stoked to eventually explore other lands and encounter other friendly wolves on her journey to saving her dear brother Rev. 


WoLF:. Thank you...=  4 Antlers
WoLF: Amaguk And Nera Cute Comic Piece By Vontrigger =  8 Antlers
WoLF: Amaguk-and-Nera =  6 Antlers
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WoLF RP: A Snowy Beginning = 10 Antlers
WoLF:. You really are an Angel = 4 Antlers
WoLF RP:.This is all my fault... = 5 Antlers
WoLF RP: I Couldnt Ask For Anything More.. = 3 Antlers

Becoming Mates (Amaguk x Nera) = -10

:: R E L A T I O N S H I P S ::

Mate: Heart Amaguk Heart

Currently looking for a mate?: Noway!  Hungry by Web5teR

Offspring: Would love them someday. ^^ 

Father: Bender (Alive)
Mother: Mel (Alive)
Rev (Brother) (Alive) (Banished) 
Moira (Sister) (Alive)

*Other: Adopted Daughter:

.::Relationship Markers::.

Bullet; Blue || Acquaintance                                  Bullet; Green || Friend
Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue || Rival                                           Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Close Friend
Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue || Familiar                                   Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Kin

Bullet; Purple || Pity                                                Bullet; White || Approve
Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple || Relates to/Understands               Bullet; White Bullet; White ||  Like
Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple || Feels uncomfortable around     Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White || Love (platonic)

Bullet; Yellow || Suspicious/Curious                          Bullet; Orange || Respect
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow || Fear                                            Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange || Feels Responsible For
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow || Terrified of                               Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange || Dependent On

Bullet; Red || Trust                                              Bullet; Pink || Attraction 
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red || Lust                                            Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink || Crush
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red || Obsession                                Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink || Romantic Feelings

Bullet; Black || Disapprove                                     Heart || Mate
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black || Dislike                                        ✘ || Lost/Left
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black || Hate/Loathe                           Death || Killed/Dead

RP Still In Progress

RP Still In Progress

|Bullet; Blue|Bullet; Green|Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple|Bullet; White Bullet; White|Bullet; Orange|Bullet; Red|Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; PinkHeart |

1st RP: "He is certainly a big sweet heart, he is honestly the first I've ever come across that has treated me so kindly. I will say I'm unable to hide certain feelings for him, but I won't push." 
2nd RP: "Honestly he is the one I've been looking for my whole life, he saved me from myself, during the time we spent together even if it was through a dangerous time only he fills me with warmth, makes my heart race, and make me smile so much, I never want to be anywhere else, but by his side."
3rd RP: "After knowing how he truly felt about me, my heart raced and everything around us simply stopped and faded from existence. All that mattered and always did was him, I love him, my heart will always and forever belong to him.<3"

Need to Reply back

Waiting to Start

:: A V A I L A B I L I T Y ::

Timezone: PST 

Preferred Methods: 
Notes: Always welcome. :)
Comments: No please. ^^;
Skype: Ask.
Docs: No please. ^^;
Other: Open to suggestions. :dummy:

 :: O T H E R    N O T E S ::

Rain (water in general)
Butterflies and Fireflies
Cuddling **

Taking late walks
Watching Fireflies
Friendly and Romantic Wolves
Play fighting

Aggressive/Rude Wolves

:bulletgreen: RP Status: OPEN! :dummy: 
[[I'm open for any kind just hit me up with a note!]]
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