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We Can Do It

Yes we can ya motivational crazy Scottish cyclops. Spoofed that old rosey the riveter poster from double W deuce. [link] You remember those days right, yeah I sure do.
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"That's the spirit." - Demoman Tf2
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How do you create the outlines? In Illustrator? They look so smooth! 
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Eep :3 My favorite things combined!

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Saw this on fuckyeahawesomefortress. Most excellent.
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That is made of win.
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I would like this on a T-shirt, please.
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Rosie the Riviter is the sex, and the Demoman is moreso.
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If I wasn't the man I was I'd kiss ya. :+favlove:
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I was rooting for Demoman, too
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classic, love the colors. I can see this becoming a spray in the game.
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Butch... very butch.
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We CAN do it, so...

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Helz yeah, we can do it! Now pass the rum, ya crazy Scot.

Really good styling for the Demo-Man, VonToten. Especially live the referencing of the old WW2 poster. Hell, I can see the Heavy pulling off an Uncle Sam. Also, Demo-Man RULES! Place them stickies around, get the rockets ready, and watch the fireworks!
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I would love to see you do a series of WW2 art.
I could be of make beleive photos taken from the war...OMFG I would publish that!
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YO-HO! :beer:
I like it!
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but we didn't do it...
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oh i totally remember? i remember it like it was yesterday! lol
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Last time I checked they were losing, but it's getting closer every time I check about 140,000 I believe, and that's pretty close considering where the demos started off with them. anyway I'm rooting for the demos.
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Hey, someone's actually rooting for the D-man. Awesome!
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Looking good. I made one for the soldier but I'd rather the demo win.
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