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Here's a quick explanation of how I create the images I post.

First, find a stunning photograph of an incredibly beautiful, naked woman (not me) taken by an extremely talented, professional photographer. Again, not me.

Next, run it through some AI / neural network filtering. Do that 3 or 4 times with different settings so there's enough raw material to work with.

Then, drag it all into Photoshop. Now, the fun begins. Stack up the layers. Adjust the opacity of each layer so just enough color & detail is visible. Erase away where you want more from lower layers to show through. Copy and move up sections to block what is in lower layers.

Sometimes I'll add shadowing or enhance facial features that became distorted or lost in all the digital processing.

Lastly, edit away any stray bits & pieces. Edit with eraser tools & tiny digital brushes to tidy things up.

Then I stare at it for a day or two. Something always occurs to me to re-do or alter.

And post!

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Regarding the comment directly below - xVaunttx blocks me after posting the comment, so no civil discussion on the merits, pro or con can occur.

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So you steal other peoples work and just use it? That's not very cool at all. You're literally taking from the women you admire so much. Better be careful. You'll end up getting sued.

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All is patience and to name the layers, because if you have messy file it can be hell to not get lost in your layers

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Oh Yes - so true! :)

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Superb photoshop skills, way beyond mine and incredible patience too
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😊😊 patience yes but it's doesn't seem like work.


awesome work. Would love to occur in one of them :)

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I admire your patience. I post straightaway and often wish I had worked on them more for a day or two. I love your work.

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Thanks for the kind comment!

It's great to hear from other artists in this niche genre :)

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Dude or Dudette, you do some mad real shit, mad skills, for real.

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Thanks - Great getting feedback like that!

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Di nada, no hay problema, killer work needs to be seen, word!

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Your creative process is fascinating! I never would have guessed. Thank you for sharing.
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Thanks for checking it out

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I have not yet attempted digital forms. Yet hearing of your process, in a way it resembles mine. In drawing I rework over and over with 6B on very heavy paper. Often I will move to a much harder graphite. Sometimes digging into the surface of the paper.
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No reason not to patch up the paper scuffs after you scan it in. Pros do that all the time. A mixed analog / digital creative process.

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I totally hear you! I like related effect too: a painted over painting bleeding through. But like you it is these effect arriving through going after what you want. And FEELING they are right, (In a weird way the same thing exists in the creation of poems and fiction - the words you leave buried that almost don’t fit, that in a very subtle way reshape.

I see this process in your work.

thanks for the tips, the painting looks really good

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Thanks! I appreciate the feed back.

My focus now is figuring out how to keep the process fresh - so every image doesn't look the same.

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What kind of AI are you using?

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Luckily, no technical knowledge needed.

I generate 2 to 10 different versions and then work in Photoshop

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Thank you! I'll take a look tomorrow. 🙂

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