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After 250 posts over almost three years, The Vontine Project has run its course. Title: Graffiti What started as a Covid distraction became a hobby of intense focus for me. At a this time, I feel that I have wrung all I can from the concept. Thank you everyone for making my art project a shared experience. Special shout outs to my friends, collaborators, and long-time supporters here on DA @3leggedman @adultmodel @ANGEMODELFRANCE @ArtofLucien @BeataBlue @CheeckyBrush @davidjor @EyesofthePotato @kgrr2010 @lammwould1 @Mermaid-Katy @oldlineman57 @phydeau @Pistaccio @SnowbirdCreations @Spawn-Jay @SunshineBurnsz @taranisrod @vladtheodor @VonVlad01 @worlok12 Title: If Only I Could Meet Him Thank you for all the Faves & views!
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What's the Vontine Point of View? The premise of the Vontine account is: Porn for acid heads. Or, put another way, I wanted to see what art can be created by mixing pornographic images with digital image processing tools. Porn for acid heads is how I came to think of these works because the images are very trippy and focus on nudes. Porn for acid heads. Are you advocating drug use? No, I am describing an art style, not a lifestyle. I have used my share of psychoactive substances in the past. These days I infrequently enjoy cannabis. Why so many nudes? I love Women and the female form. This is not a rational love. I worship their beauty. That feeling comes from a very deep level within me. From a cellular or molecular level. My art is an expression of that. That desire and love warps every perception I have. It's like the filters I use that entirely distorts the original image. Understandable, but there're a lot of vaginas in your art. I'm sorry, I don't really understand.
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How To Do It

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Here's a quick explanation of how I create the images I post. First, find a stunning photograph of an incredibly beautiful, naked woman (not me) taken by an extremely talented, professional photographer. Again, not me. Next, run it through some AI / neural network filtering. Do that 3 or 4 times with different settings so there's enough raw material to work with. Then, drag it all into Photoshop. Now, the fun begins. Stack up the layers. Adjust the opacity of each layer so just enough color & detail is visible. Erase away where you want more from lower layers to show through. Copy and move up sections to block what is in lower layers. Sometimes I'll add shadowing or enhance facial features that became distorted or lost in all the digital processing. Lastly, edit away any stray bits & pieces. Edit with eraser tools & tiny digital brushes to tidy things up. Then I stare at it for a day or two. Something always occurs to me to re-do or alter. And post!
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Thanks for the fav. I really like your work.


Your work caught my eye - really nice!

I no longer post anything but I check in to enjoy new art - such as yours - Keep posting!

Thank you for watching!

thanks for the fav mfriend

"Porn for acid heads"... yeah, sounds just right to me! :D

And don't worry if I don't "like" everything I comment on... but i will tell you what i think very often.

So if you want to say something to one of my postworks... never hesitate... anything goes. ;)

I appreciate that!