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Minst 1.0 - lightweight, easy

This is meant to be an easy skin for those looking to better understand the world of Rainmeter. Throuout the suit you will find comments meant to help you undestand. The whole suit is supposed to lightweight and easy to edit. It should be easy to understand what everything does, if you have read the 101. The comments will help describe what everything, they are located in the first variant of every skin so there is where you should look for them (this means that you can take on a bigger challange by not looking in the skins with comments but still be on the same level).

Included in suit:

*Battery measure - Measures battery percentage
*Clock and date
*CPU measure - Measure average CPU usage and temperature (CoreTempPlugin and SpeedFan versions)
*Harddive measure - Displays total diskzise, how much space that's left and includes a link to the disk.
*Launcherbar - A simple bar for various applications or places.
*Netwok measure - Measures traffic and IP, LAN and WAN.
*Notes - A notes skin to help remind you of things to do.
*Playerskins for foobar, winamp and iTunes.
*RAM measure - Measures total RAM and RAM usage.
*SWAP measure - Measures total SWAP and SWAP usage.
*Weather - Weatherskins for and msn-weather.
*WiFi measure. Current connection and list.
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For anyone having issues with the weather skin showing the same thing on the top and bottom, go into the ini file file and under [WeatherN] change MeasureName=MDWeather to MeasureName=MNWeather. There is also some clipping present on this string, using W=100 and ClipString=2 seemed to fix it and it shouldn't overlap the day. This will be repeated for each day.
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I finally found a weather that is working with japan codes!!!=)
Thaks ~vonSmallhausen
I'm using several different Configs along with this one. I'm mainly curious in your Launch Bar. I dug through the .ini for it and decided to add APP5 lines so I could have more than just 4 icons, but it didn't seem to work. How can I get more than 4 launch icons as well as maybe multiple launch bars. If multiple launch bars is not possible how about a 4x4 or 5x5 or 6x6 icons?

lol I've been fiddling with it for about 2hrs now after changing lines of code little by little and trollin' the webbernets to no avail. Would appreciate your help. Thanks. :D
*correction* I very messily figured it out by pasting the Launchbar folder and renaming it. Then adding extra APP strings to the second folders ini. lol Would be nice if there was a cleaner way of doing it. Any help is appreciated.
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If you just want to add a new app/icon/shortcut there are 3 things you need to think about.

1) The Icon, name and path. This should be done in
If you look in there you will see something like this:


If you copy/make a new section with App5 instead of 1-4, you will have a set of variables that is not used by the standard shortcuts.

2) Making sure you got the placement.
If you open up one of the skins (I'm looking at LaunchbarUp here) you will see a section that is dedicated to calculations. What you want to do is add a new calc that looks like this:

Formula=#LaunchW# * 5.2 + #FirstX#

If you look at them, you will see pattern, the constant is 1.3*n where n is the icon number. Now you got that set.

3) Making the actual meters.
Just take a set of them (there are two meters for each icon, one with the icon and one with the text) and copy it. Say that you take the section for App4 and copies it. Then replace all 4s with 5s. Save, refresh the skin and viola! You should now have 5 icons in you bar. You will have to repeat the last 2 steps for every skin if you want it to be in every one of them.

Was that of any help?
If you feel extremely confused by all of this, make sure you've read the Rainmeter101.
That's basically what I did after some trial and error with the formula's. I noticed the pattern but sometimes it would just be weird and I'd have to adjust some of the numbers. I have two rows of 5 icons. It all works. I'm just trying to get the umf to adjust the horizontal launch bar ini's. lol Anyway, thanks for the response.
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How would it sometimes be weird? ._o
Nice that you got it working anyhow. :)
Nevermind. I figured it out. :D I win. lol Nice work.
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very nice , i love :)
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this is awesome will give it a try
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i just recently got into this whole rainmeter thing and i have to say, i love this! its just what ive been looking for :)
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Good. That means it's doing its job. :)
Beautiful idea. I don't see why this shouldn't be of interest to all levels. Each of us can't know everything and this might, if nothing else, make a convenient development platform incorporating your insights.
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I agree actually. while it is mostly aimed at helping those who have little knowledge of how rainmeter works, more competent users can use it as the base for their creations. If everyone did, we would have a nice code-standard and it would be easier to edit skins.
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Nice work, will try it out tonite!
Thank you. Very much.
This definitely will be incredibly insightful for others like me who have little to no idea how Rainmeter actually functions / is edited. I'm certain that others will be overwhelmingly grateful to you for this - I know I am.

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a fantastic idea! a simple skin with explanations to match :D i sure hope many beginners take advantage of this :eager: great work!
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I sure hope so too.
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