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To show off some capabilities that are now possible with the brand new Rainmeter 2.0, here's a notes skin where you don't have to open any external apps to jot down your notes. ;)

It is a very small and simple skin, mostly just to show what you can do with a little plugin and Lua. It can become more complicated if you so which, it's pretty easy. :)

Anyhow, enjoy!
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Thanks, it seemed to be a very nice skin, but I can only add text on one single line... same problem as wyatt6491
Edit: Ok I found how to do this, we have to type / tree times to go to next line... Thanks
Is there a way to have text on the next line?  If I try to Enter it deletes everything after the first time I enter.  Makes it difficult to use as a list.
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this is a great litte skin! exactly what i wanted- simple! that allows me to modify it with less issues ^^
How do you change the height and width displayed?
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Very good. Just what I was looking for.
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Thanks you mate, great work.
I had it working before, but now that I installed it on my new pc the note field is showing %1 instead of the text.

Rainmeter keeps throwing me this error: "Script:NewLine.lua:15:attempt to index global 'StringMeter' (a nil value)
and of course I'm too dumb to fix that^^

(Maybe it has to do with me using the 2.4 beta version)
I can edit the title but not the central note. Still working?
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been looking for this kind of notes
many thanks~
How to make the skin size larger, I want it to look like a notepad (10*6 cm)?
thanks, exactly what i need. simple, quick and clean
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Was looknig for that kind of thing for AGES!
Thanks a LOT!
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Can you center the title? I'm a total idiot at this.
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only the first line displays, whatever I write in second line and onward not working...
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What are you trying to type in?
Should be somethinglike:
This is the firstline///This is the second line
Just like that. Unless you've changed the NewLine-sign.
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Having the same problem. \:
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Well, what are you typing in?
Let me see the line that you've typed in. It's in the skin. In the variables in the top.
First I'd like to say awesome skin. But I was wondering if there was a way to go to the next line like hitting enter.
Nevermind I figured it out its control enter
Nevermind again that doesn't work so I still like to know if it is possible.
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Not really. The plugin registers the enter as it's time to end (and update the skin).
It would think a rewrite of the plugin for that to work would be needed. :/
(I'm not the creator of the plugin btw).
Or you might be ablw to whip something up with the help of AHK. So you activate a script when you open the editing part, hitting enter writes out whatever new line sign you are using and then hitting some other keycombo acts as enter, refreshes the skin and close the script.
Simplest way I can think of.
Feeeeett coool *__*
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