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Cheap cheap trackball

I was bored today as I am sick (strep throat/tonsillitis), so I decided to build a trackball mouse for my bed-computer. Works pretty good. Will probably add some sort of scroll to it.

Built it from an old optical mouse and a deodorant ball.
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wow thats crazy! amazing that it works!
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Nice! Very clever and very innovative. Are those marker dots on the ball to improve the tracking accuracy?
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Yes they are. Without them my sensor didn't quite pick up all the movements, so I figured I'd try dots like how it is on the once you buy. Greatly improved the tracking.
You might not need it if you build it yourself, but I did with my old Terratec Mystify Mamba (crappy mouse to begin with).
Luktar den gott? :3
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Mjah. Den luktar okej. Man bör nog helst använda luktfri deokula när man ska göra något sådant här.
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That's some hell of trackball!
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Not really. Just something you make when you're bored. :P
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