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So a while ago I was at out throwing glass and paper (one of those recycling stations). And lo and behold! There I found that someone had grown tired of their old laptop. Now, as it wasn't at the right place, they had just left it outside of the station where you can throw paper, I saw nothing to keep me from taking it. So I did.
The computer in question was a Dell Inspiron 2200 (one of these [link] ). The more techie will know that a Celeron M 1.7GHz and 512mb RAM isn't much to be jolly for. But when it's free - it's tasty. ;)

Anyhow. I get it home and try to start it. Nothing. So the error searching begins!
First notice: The battery is pretty much dead. So I can't use that.
Second notice: The AC-adapter has a damaged cord, which leads to pulling it apart at fixing the cable (it was damaged close to the adapter itself, so I had to disassemble it).
Third notice: The CPU thermostat seems to be broken, so the fan doesn't run even if the CPU is REALLY hot. This is a simple fix by stealing power from a USB port, which we all knows delivers 5V. Added a potentiometer just so I could control the fan.

So. By the time I was done making everything work I had hatched a plan!
I've "always" thought it would be cool to have a computer in the bed. And why not use a laptop you've paid nothing for to try and make something cool?

I have a little brainstorming with my father, after which he brings home some oak. Next day, I start building a frame for my little project.
Oh, and I might add that the motherboard got a new seating behind the screen, screwed fast against the screens plastic cover.
Anyhow. I build my frame (which at least I think looks real darn good) and haha! - It can stand by itself!
Now all I needed was a mount I could attach to a wall and all would be well.
Said and done, I buy a wall mount, make the holes in the wall and screw everything together.
And this is the outcome. The pic with all the icons - that's the former owners account. She sure liked to use icons... On a 1024x768 resolution there were 4 places left for icons...

That is pretty much the story about this project. Now I'm going do install a decent OS. If the computer will work with me on that, it doesn't seem to like ArchLinux for some evil reason. D:
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That is very awesome and creative. I love unusual computing solutions to fill a specific need.

I need to make something like this.
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I Wouldn't really call it a need, but it's nice to have when you have it. :P
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ah the lazy mans computer
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Work great too now that I've changed OS on it. :)
Just need to get some speakers. The built in ones is not much to sheer for.
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Nice story. i loled about 4 places left for icons! :D
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I was shocked when I first saw it.
I didn't think people used that many icons. ._o
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Don't worry, my friend had a scroll thing on desktop to see all the icons. He used XP, but i don't know what software he used. Anyways, having so many shortcuts/files on desktop looks pretty bad. I don't have any :D
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I don' have any either. No matter what OS I'm running.
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