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Starcraft Terran Ghost

By VonSchlippe
She's finally complete!

This is my rendition of a terran ghost in full gear, complete with her C-10 MKVII sniper rifle. The armor features muscular enhancement for steady aim and increased endurance, full cloaking technology, and modified goggles that scan the ground to look for zerg thermal signatures.

This is a sequel to my year-old Terran Medic drawing ([link]), I spent more than three times as many hours doing this one, which amounts to nearly 110 hours.

I really hope you like it! Click "Download" for full-size!

PS: submitted it to the Blizzard fan-art gallery! Fingers crossed!

EDIT: Hell yes! Thank you blizzard! [link]

EDIT: Daily deviation?! SWEET!
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Why do female ghosts always have cooler stuff? Badaaass!
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Oh my god, I've been looking for this for years. I found it way back when I got my first computer (my laptop, I was like 16) and lost it when my old desktop's hard drive fragged itself.

This is an awesome pic
SnowHawk7's avatar
This is so awesome.

Now if only we could have gotten Starcraft Ghost made.
artieas's avatar
The combat-weary eyes tell everything.
arcane-villain's avatar
I was sure it's a photomanipulation of very profesionally made cosplay. But... YOU PAINTED THIS! HOLY EVERYTHING! This artpiece is so realistic and so detailed! Looks also like a screenshot from Starcraft cinematic. It's just.... I have no idea what to say. You are the Hero of the Storm!
VonSchlippe's avatar

Thanks for your comment, I giggled :D

A lot of reference and inspiration was used for this, but you are correct; it's all painted. I'm glad you like it :) Cheers!
Dark3rthanShadows's avatar
couldu make a male version?
Markonator's avatar
Haha :D just noticed the Master Chief decal on her chest plate :happybounce: Heart 
Incredibly amazing piece btw Love 
PearOfDiscord's avatar
Thanks for pointing that out!  I would have missed it.
ShTiCkYiSiCkY's avatar
Fantastically well med, truly mind bogglingly beautiful.
Cheers mate
bladesonX's avatar
Is that a Spartan helmet from the Halo series I seen on her armor?
SocQA's avatar
Verrry nice work! DD definitely deserved! Absolutely great job
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Ch1ck3nSoup's avatar
Hello ol' chap. Just wondering if you have allowed the creators and publisher of "Imperium: Galactic War" to use this piece of art for their advertisement?

Just a tad worried they may have possibly infringed on your rights as an artist.

Here's the URL link: [link]
VonSchlippe's avatar
They did, although there is not much I can do about it :(
Thanks for the heads up!
DanielZrno's avatar
Sure you can. Collect proof (screenshots, save pages, pref. on multiple computers/witnesses), then send them a Cease&Desist letter with an invoice for the usage so far (templates available online). If they ignore you, go through a lawyer (this depends on the respective countries you and they are based in, but is doable). Some will react before the lawyer comes into play, and you can talk about compensation.

Point is, if they are in any normal country, the fines for what they did are in tens of thousands of dollars. It's not worth risking a lawsuit if there's any chance they'd lose it (and in this case, it's certain they would).

Sorrowdusk's avatar

But Master Yi wants his goggle back
Ghost1138's avatar
You deserve the featuring :D

Beautiful art-style
What's there to say other than this is so beautiful (I am a Starcraft fan after all)
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