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Unholy Scarab of Nyarlathotep (Nyarlat-hotep)



This was discovered in Egypt in the early 20th century and was dismissed as a common scarab until acquired by Miskatonic University in 1926, where it was promptly stolen.

Made of gold between 8 and 10 karats, an artist has reconstructed it's coloring in the lower left box. To show the scale in the right it is pictured with a British 303. rifle round.

"Many scarabs of this style have been observed but the scarab beetle appears to have a tail, (or perhaps three legs if one listens to the Mohomidian workers..but nothing has three legs). The scarab is also not holding up a representative sun, as is common...showing the night sky with either a large star or tentacled mass....bewildering"
Dr. Augustus Ford, 1921 (Lost treks through Egypt)

I made this out of Fimo modelling clay at work, the tools used were an exacto blade and two screwdrivers so it's ready crude with tool-marks. I spray painted it at home.
It's crude but looks good in the hand, by eye, and will be able to be sand cast and mass produced in copper or bronze whenever I get time to do foundry work. (Most likely in 2014, on very cleaned up and improved recasts.)

I wanted a image of Nyarlathotep that was not in the style of modern fantasy art. I like representing indigenous styles so the scarab is Nyarlathotep, with three legs. He holds up the night sky, or space itself with his master Azathoth being represented in it's center.
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I believe it! Nice job.