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There are things in the Darkness.....

"There are things in the Darkness.....
                              .........Remember to stay within the light."    
The north lawn past midnight eats the very light, only the stars above, can escape the all encompassing darkness. Even the manor's dog shant venture beyond the lights that fade within feet into a mire of unknowable blackness.

I stood upon the veranda...taking my pictures of those Miskatonic Mountains but to no avail, as they could not be seen in the inky night, leaving just an image of nothingness behind.

I remembered that the camera was one of those made by the great inventor Tesla, so upon the morn, I rushed to my darkroom's photo shop, only playing with the contrast until I could see the mountains. I went photo to photo until something became to come into view....

...Yes I see them....YES I see Them.....YES I SEE THEM...I SEE THEM!....

Taken last night, and all I did was play with the contrast a half hour ago...This inspires me to base an adventure off of it perhaps..
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The was that last picture, where the orbs we're right upon me...if you look at the pictures before it they are further away…

Mistgod might be right... it seems to be a vortex of something.
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Orbs!  You captured the spirits of the Native American graveyard beneath your mansion!  They don't look angry  though.  Oh and I do see the mountains yes.  
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My good man, If I could be haunted by some...pagan, I'd never get any sleep. For I carve their bones, and keep their religious artifacts as trophies and profit from their labors overseas.

Indeed for by providence alone, I have been born Catholic, and not the "bad sort" of Catholic... (you know...Those unwashed masses.. arriving on steamers each day) ....So even if these so-called phantoms were angry, I'm sure they in turn would soon feel fear, dread and then horror...

...After all I was once the Prior! So let me suggest, ol'bean, a more scientific reason, then that of a specter or ghostly apparition. Even if it is of a science yet unknown to least to those outside of Miskatonic University. May I humbly offer an equally possible solution, based upon the empirical evidence. After all we are in the beginning quarter of a new age of science, discovery and invention.

It could have been an appearance of a thing called the they did not appear to my eyes.

Direful monsters...said to come from the stars or fortean spirit realm of some 5th region of space or whatnot. It even could be connected to the alien concept of Yogsothoth.

A mystery...either way.  Perhaps under the cover of night more will be revealed...

I make a good arrogant "villain type" when role-playing...the period intolerance and assumed entitlement is something many can't do well.  At least not today, lol. Oh..I amuse myself when I act up...damn I'm really craving some LARP like activity.  Must be the season Mistgod, you seem to be craving a larp too lately.

It's fun though trying to look at it from a 1920s mentality, even funner looking out from the lens of a Mythos worldview. It's getting me in the right mentality to start creating.  I kinda feel like I'm playing a character here and I still don't have beds and furniture yet.

So what do I think it was in real life?  It was probably dust reflecting the flashes light back at the camera. It seems a bit much as the air was clear...but It's the best guess I have. The same Orbs do show at Lovecrafts home as well though...

Lovecrafts home has orbs too (though less than mine..)…
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I do like the "arrogance" of the early 20th century and the elitism.  There was something brave and adventurous in it and often boldly masculine.  
Perhaps dust in the camera's view and what not, but there is the connection to Lovecraft.  Those who dwell into the secrets of Cthulhu mythos may find that something begins to stir in the deepest, darkest, most beastial place in the mind.  Horrors best left in the primitive id, undisturbed!   You may find your new home and castle becoming a vortex of primordial energy.  I do hope, sir, that you are ready.  
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Well I shall endeavor to take whatever comes by the horns and wrest it into submission, as there can only be be only one lord and master, be it manor or ship.

You say something on id, that I find true on many levels. I actually seek a more primordial and bestial way of thinking. As I believe the same process of society civilizing man to be the same effect as domestication of livestock. Indeed, civilization is nothing more than the domestication of man.

There are generations of man that will serve others no differently like the sheep or cattle in our fields. We see it's effects in our pets and how they are more like us than that of their wilder brethren.  We see it in ourselves with our "cultured" traits, that have been cultured into us.

I seek to harness and exploit, whatever energy is here, be it creative or otherwise....

I'm not a believer in Freud, I have my own model based upon my own interpretations but it is similar (ID= The Natural Mind, Ego= The Conscious Mind and Super-Ego = The Unnatural mind, as it is where our domestication occurs.) I believe Freud's personal mental issues caused him to confuse the parts of ego-and super ego in what, was what.

Lovecraft really feared what was in within his own mind. His father was in an insane asylum until he died and his mother suffered constant breakdowns...That's why madness focuses in so much to his stories.

I should not say this as it's not something I share outside my family, but if there were any "spirits" here I'd know.
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Very interesting theory and insight into the effects of civilization on humans and the effects of domestication on animals.  It makes a lot of sense. 

I love the concepts of models of the mind.  Really, Freuds model was only one way to do it, certainly there could be many other ways to model how it works.  My mind is certainly complex and hard to fathom.  LOL 

Oh?  You must be a natural medium.  I wouldn't say that about myself, but I do seem to attract spirits and unusual things happen around me.  
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A gamers mind is complex and hard to fathom, as most people live but one life but a role-player can experience thousands. When one games they take on other sides, and opinions...even adopting mentalities reprehensible to the player.

It can be politics, religion, or a racist hatred of orcs. (Lets face it, Dungeoneers are racist home invaders whose classism allows them no moral qualms in killing folks who live under-ground.) The point is, we adopt thinking patterns that are contrary to who we are, quite often.

Playing a Roman Legionnaire,  A German during WWII, A communist spy in the 1950s, or as a Aztec gathering living trophies to sacrifice, pushes our experience as roleplayers and broadens our perspective beyond non-gamers.

Fantasy roleplaying does the same, but where historical roleplaying expands worldview, fantasy roleplaying expands ones view of the mind. As in the creation of fantasy worlds we will learn what scares us, titillates us and allows us to be what we want. Much of superhero gaming and science fiction offers the same insights to the soul.

When one looks through a thousand eyes....the sights outside our own eyes become tiresome and without grandeur.
  As gamers age, we grow more and more jaded and bored by the inferior reality before us and seek to create a reality more suited for us.

"The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant." - Salvador Dali

Of course to others, we end up looking like eccentrics at best or madmen at worst. The fact is perhaps it does make us a tad mad, but I'd rather be mad than ordinary. Sanity is ordinary.

"There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad." -Salvador Dali

I'm not a medium.

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Wow, I want to print this response out and put it in my gaming collection!  
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