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R.E. Howards Kulls Atlantis

H.P Lovecraft created a world history with CAS and REH. Robert E. Howard created the famous Conan, and the pre-cataclysmic Hyborian age c.15-10,000 BC. These stories are also part of the Cthulhu Mythos. Nyarthathotep travelled under the guise of both Set and Thoth and the Serpent Men were going extinct....

....but there was an age before Conan, an age of mighty magic and heroic adventure where the Serpent Men were dangers to man, until a man named Kull put a change to that... King Kull the ancestor of Conan.

Kull was born in pre-cataclysmic Atlantis c. 20,000 BC. At the time Atlantis was ruled by barbarian tribes. East of Atlantis lay the ancient continent of Thuria, divided among several civilized kingdoms. Including among others Commoria, Grondar, Kamelia, Thule, and Verulia. Most powerful among these was Valusia. East of Thuria were located the islands of Lemuria, which were the mountaintops of the sunken continent of Mu.

Meshing the map of Kulls pre-cataclysmic age with the map of Hyboria was not easy. Some minor concessions had to be made to follow the basic feel of the original Kirk map.

A mild polar shift was needed to line things up, and both "norths" are shown, both Atlantian and Hyborian. This pole shift enplanes the massive shifts as well in how the world was made.

A LOT of research was done to make this the most accurate map ever made. It was for figuring out ancient ruins for both Conan RPG, (Hyborian age Roleplaying) and Call of Cthulhu using the many maps showing how Hyboria fits over Europe, north Africa and Asia.

By figuring out where Atlantian age ruins would be in Hyboria, you can then figure where they would be on modern Earth. A useful aid to keepers in Call of Cthulhu.

Download, and you will see lightly where the Hyborian Map overlays the Atlantian map.

This is Copyright to Robert W Scheiner 2010.
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Kull fled Atlantis after "saving" a friend by killing him swiftly:: a dart to the neck.

Te savages of Atlantis were about to torture and mutilate the poor wight to death. 
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Hey Von meer, this looks good, the art looks splendid

but there is one thing that is not accurate when compared to the real world:

 Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu are different names for the same place, you
have to understand that different cultures name things in different ways

So, according to this map, these islands/isles around the super continent are all the same

do you deny it?
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i just finished reading the Kull stories, and this map you made makes perfect sense. Well done!
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I followed a link to this map from a thread called [Conan] Pre-Cataclysmic World of Hyboria at the Other World forum at The Piazza. I thought you might like to know that your map is being discussed there.

One member of the forum (called rabindranath72) said that the name "Hyboria" is technically incorrect. I don't know the Conan setting myself, but here is a quote from him, so that you can check this out for yourself: "Note that the word "Hyboria" is incorrect. There is only an adjective, Hyborian, which is used to refer to the Age and/or things related to the Hybori (the people who give the name to that age.)"
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I'll check out what their saying , thanks!
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No problem. You are putting up great art for people to look at. It is only fair for someone to let you know that people are enjoying it.
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Awesome! I really enjoyed reading the background information. :D
here here, to many people Don't know of Conan's ancestor Kull which could best Conan any day =)
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Yup Kull, forgotten by most was the mightier of the two, I agree! It's good hearing that!
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