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Paper Prop (WWI Christmas Package Coupon) 1918 AD

This is a Christmas Package Coupon for the American Expeditionary Forces, circa 1918.  A potential unopened package that may hold clues in a Call of Cthulhu/Lovecraft based game.

It can be used in a campaign taking place during the Great War, perhaps a family member uses it to send a secret message...perhaps the wrong package gets to a character revealing a clue? It can even be used in later era games as it may be in the estate of some dead npc... Use it however you want.

The Box/Wrapping
A paper lunch bag makes a useful wrap for packages in the standard box used for shipping being 9 by 4 by 3 inches, and it's easy enough to make. I use strings to wrap over the top, and use paste to affix the coupon.

The text says...
Directions: One Christmas package not heavier than 3 pounds and not larger than 9 by 4 by 3 inches will be carried free from Hoboken, N.J. to each American soldier in Europe. Standard boxes of these dimensions will be furnished, upon application, by local chapters of the American Red Cross in the United States. Christmas packages must not contain perishable articles, or any articles prohibited by the postal laws from transmission by mail. PACKAGES NOT CONFORMING TO STANDARD FURNISHED BY RED CROSS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This coupon is authority for any post office to accept on or before November 20, 1918, a Christmas package conforming to the above regulations for the soldier named hereon. Postage to Hoboken, J.J. must be prepaid. THIS COUPON MUST BE PASTED ON THE PACKAGE TO SECURE ITS TRANSMISSION.
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Great detail and research to make great props! 
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1918? Wow... Your teen years, eh? lol ;)
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LoL...but your the same age as me old man... :)
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Wait... (uh-oh) what year/month were You born?) lol
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I was born on the early hours of Wednesday under the dark skies of a new moon on the feast day of St. Getulius, upon the 161st day of the year 1970 AD, in the Gregorian calendar.

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Ha! You ARE older! "Mwa-Ha" ;)
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More  (You bastard ) Women get old, men get distinguished....  :) 

Yes you are slightly more immature, granted....but I doubt by that much. LOL!
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February 14th 1971 :)
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